An evening thread for Wednesday

I wonder if someone else will start an evening thread at the same time? It seems like it has been quite quiet on here today.

How are you? How was your day? What did you do? What’s for dinner? Any plans this evening?

Gonna throw together a tofu salad thing

Before :soccer:

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I’m so cold I just want to eat hot, stodgy food! :smiley: Might have pasta for the second day running.

Squash and black bean chilli for dinner, which was tasty. My other half is actually out tonight, so I’ll be chilling on my own later

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That sounds like a good dinner. I must go shopping tomorrow and buy some more exciting things to eat.

Hello! Had a pretty good, lazy day. Did wash the car though so that’s something. Dinner was going to be Chinese but it’s shut so it’s

instead. Gonna watch a load more old Simpsons then start a new book I think.


Another vote for tofu here:

5spice marinaded with rice and air fried vegetables and crispy kale.

I’m playing football later and then need to decide what the new doors in my house are going to look like.


Ffs fucked it didn’t i


Shite day, not sure whether to have Huel for dinner tonight or a takeaway (instead of tomorrow night). Might watch the football tonight but then again, dunno if I can be arsed.

Has anyone watched Rules of the Game?

I would eat the heck out of that

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Is this the soup?


The main Heather at work was nice to me today. Still reeling. What’s going on?

Really in panic mode about my freelance work. All the stories I’ve found (they want me to find out about families in the area from 1840s) are about murders and tragic accidents, someone who was killed with a fork, loads of corpses washing up into pubs when a cemetery flooded. The brief is an old fashioned “humans of New York”. Finding inspirational stories in the archives for ordinary people is near impossible, especially when this was mostly slum housing and miserable lives. Did find plans for a Manchester Tube from 1903 though.

Going to be up late tonight anyway is the crux of it, but at least my glands are not as swollen as they were yesterday so I’m feeling a bit better :blush:

Had leftover curry, got a chunk further into Harlem Shuffle (enjoying it loads), bought tickets to see Ducks Ltd in a month and off to first pub quiz of the new year!

Have winnings to spend from last time so free pints woo

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Ah shit! I knew it would happen! No posts in the day thread for ages and then we both make the evening thread.

Your sticky toffee pudding looks incredible.


Also decided on my new laptop after my old one finally gave up over Christmas. Dunno why I find it impossible to make a decision before something breaks, but then after that happens it’s the easiest thing to commit and get over my indecision. Weird brain go away (and new laptop come here)

Is there any way of looking up applications for blue plaques? That might signpost to something more positive?


In shoreditch. It’s still okay.


Once had to do a series of veteran interviews for a D-Day anniversary. The legion marketing head asked if I could make them ‘less depressing’ :smiley:


Time seems to be moving incredibly slowly

Feel totally dissociated from space-time tbh

Sadly nothing like that. I’m sure some people did have better lives than the records show but I’d need weeks and I agreed to 2 days (which I’ve already exceeded). Personally I want to highlight the poverty and horrors to point out the hypocrisy of people paying £1m for a flat in the same place as a slum (ideally I’d just write an essay about how there’s zero affordable housing and no S106 fees being paid by the developers but as the developers commissioned me…I’m not sure) :laughing: