An evening thread for Witches

Because she won’t start one.

I have nothing to share. Hbu?

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Aw, thanks colin :blush: I get a bit anxious if there isn’t an evening thread as the clock strikes 18:00. I obviously turn back into a pumpkin.

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I need to go chop up a mango.


So much sweat just from the standard commute. Shirt is saturated.

When will it be winter???

rhetorical question, obv

Going to Honest Burger. Unsure what to order

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Still reckon discobot should be reprogrammed to start daily and evening threads if they’ve not been started by 9am and 6pm respectively. Although it might be a bit sad in 1000 years when humanity is dead and gone, discobot has to continue starting threads until the end of time


About to drink an espresso

Then it’s time for bike ride

Then a pint or two

Then bed

Hi witches x Colin

Veggie :hamburger: for tea. Getting close to re-finishing S1 of Lost



At the pub, off to a gig

Rather be at home listening to this


There’s an actual bear strolling around our campsite like it owns the place :neutral_face:




Sat in a park in Edinburgh drinking listening to an American tell a joke really badly.

maybe I should be rewatching all of lost?

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FYI I am very much coveting that boxset

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Having endless arguments with himself about brew dog, and the correct way in which to slice pizza.


Evening all! Day off today but neither me or my partner have been feeling particularly well so didn’t do much more than eat some roast chicken, chips and beans and do some washing. She’s watching some Netflix thing so I’m finally seeing if Community is any good. I’m 5 episodes in and still not quite convinced, does it get any better?

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Went with this.


my housemate’s dog is being a right annoying cunt this week. (housemate agrees.) think she’s been hanging out with landlord/housemate’s bf’s shit and obnoxious dogs too much.

Roasting a chicken and listening to Shirley Bassey. Enoying a good post work glow after getting my new PC and seeing my manager to stand up to another government department. Check out my hilarious new monitor situation too:

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Been shopping. Drinking a few beers and having brie and bacon salad.