An evening thread for Witches

Evening everyone and all.
At work and considering a desk tea.
Just had a desk curry. (The microwave pouches of pilau rice from Co-op are not horrible. Miles better than Saino’s anyway).

I mean it’s not actively bad, it’s just kind of…there.

DiS Roast Chicken Club 4lyf. :poultry_leg:

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This stout is incredible

Which stout is that? I’m loving imperial stouts and porters at the moment.

What did you cook yours with? I rubbed in salt and pepper into it and then chucked on some thyme and slices of lemon. I’m so hungry I could eat it right now.

big sad :frowning:

One from my local brewery, Red Cat, called Murmuration. Named after the murmuration that used to fly around the brewery until they chopped
down the trees they nest in. I don’t revisit beers too often, but this is the 7th time. Beautiful

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Sounds great! I brushed some olive oil mixed with chilli flakes and garlic salt and pepper on it and bunged it in the oven. Delicious it was.

Ooh, you can order online, and it’s a decent price. I’m going to try this next time I stock up.

thanks man I’m bracing myself for some bad news tomorrow don’t really want to deal with it

I’ve not seen their stuff too far outside Winch, but the vast majority of their stuff is great

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Ooooft! Right, might give that a lash next time!

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Child free for the night so getting blackout drunk in the newish craft beer place in Southampton and going to watch the Damned with the TV. Work tomorrow should be fun.


Looking good man. Enjoy!

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Felt pretty awful today, really faint and dizzy a lot of the time. Spent most of the day in bed (feeling miserable also, so it was the natural place to be anyway). Not looking forward to tomorrow and having to do things rather than rest an excessive amount.

Thanks man, have you checked out Common Rooms yet? Banging bottle fridge.

As for this evening, had rubbish tomato pasta and will be going to the garden to read and listen to Laura Cannell. I may also eat the last of the custard creams.

hi there,

having cornflakes for dinner. pretty healthy I assume. 3rd meal, 3rd bowl. who needs anything else?

might have to get theo to ban this account as well, got no will power, no will whatsoever

Nope. Need to though. And the new place. And half of the micropubs