An evening thread or what

For @japes

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R’s bus is arriving, yay!

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I had a greggs about 2 and dunno when I’ll feel like eating dinner or can be arsed to cook it. Currently supervising the bairn making a good old mess. Beer options in fridge for later are rubbish.

Still in the park. Gonna have some roast cauliflower pasta I think.

gym later and then idk. gotta be up early to go and pick grapes tomorrow.

wtf why is it summer again all of a sudden. was cold this morning and now its gorgeous out.

going hillwalking tomorrow, trying to decide if i want to drive up tonight and camp or just stay in and set off early doors tomorrow.

gonna be pretty cold tonight i reckon. hmm.

alright. going disco dancing later. I’ve requested it’s raining men in advance


Feel like shite, got the big shop arriving soon then it’s spicy bean burgers, chips and peas for tea and not much else going on thank fuck.

Dunno mate, just is.



Having a Sprite in Liverpool and trying not to get overwhelmed by nostalgia.

Already done my William Mitchell pilgrimage (must have about 40 photos of this particular one, and yet everytime I come I take another.

A lot of whooping and hollering and Rod Stewart karaoke flooding the streets. And Scousers being cheery.


Just feeling generally pretty rubbish about everything today. Doing bath and bedtime then might just sit in the corner and have a cry or summit

I’ve already been told it’s not happening, devastated

Pasta with cauliflower? This interests me greatly

Last night I stared at the wall for a good two hours
Misery staring can be quite therapeutic at times.

Hope you feel better soon

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You know where I am if you need a vent or anything pal :heart:

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Worst. Disco. Ever.


Yes Sir, I Can Boogie as a consolation at least?

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Nothing will console me