An ex has just added me on LinkedIn

Fuck you Xylo, we posted at the same time. All I saw was @anon29812515 stinking the place up.

Just thought you’d like to know I’ve been stalking everyone in this thread on LinkedIn who’s full name I can remember. All both of you.

Surprising number of "Ian Taximan"s on there.


Mere seconds difference. Mere seconds. Anyway, h_y_g doesn’t want input from a man who loves Pepsi Max Ginger.

Can you get that stuff in non-multipack form? I’m curious, but I’m not sure if I’m ready to commit to six of them.

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I could tell you more about Louise.

I do love fiery ginger beer, but I’m willing to accept it on its own merits.

I’ve got a lot of time for Pepsi Max variants after the wild success of the cherry one. A lot of time.

Pepsi Max is a poor substitute for Diet Coke, and Pepsi Max Ginger sounds awful, like anything gussied up with ginger.

I did however see the other day that Coke Zero Vanilla is a thing and I am mad keen to find that and make it my bride.


I’ve got some dark rum at home that I’m willing to experiment with.

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Have it with coke or have it with ginger beer, don’t mix those together, you clown. That’s for those people who order curry with rice AND chips.

This is true insofar as Pepsi Max has a discernible coke-like taste, yes.

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i.e. dangerous mavericks we should all aspire to be more like? I agree.

Every month the same email from LinkedIn:

People you may know:
My ex wife
My ex girlfriend

I’m alright thanks.


Thread’s moved on. How does she feel about Pepsi Max?

Well you can’t fault the algorithm.


More like dangerous maveDICKS

I’ll (not) ask her next time I see her. I would imagine she’s more of a Diet Coke woman.

Not even on linkedin

Haven’t even got a job


Bit November 19th.