An Exciting Opportunity


Great news!

You’ve been selected by The National Egg Board to create a new version of the famous Scotch Egg.

They want YOU to think of two new ingredients to be wrapped in delicious breadcrumbs.

What will you choose, and what will you name your new version of the egg?*

*Must not contain egg or sausage meat

*Will still be referred to as an ‘egg’ despite not having egg in it, because it is vaguely egg-shaped

*In Netherlands and Belgium, the Scotch Egg is sometimes referred to as an ‘Eggball’


Some may also say this is an ‘eggciting opportunity’ (joke)




Banana and mozzarella


the hollow contains scotch


might be to smooshy though
Can i add a third ingredient for structural integrity


Toy in the middle


why would the national egg board be promoting ideas for scotch eggs with no egg in? Goes totally against their role in promoting the egg industry and egg producers

something does not add up here


oh shit


Cheese and mustard hot liquid innards with yorkshire pudding batter. Then covered in yer breadcrumbs and hey presto, gout


They are diversifying because of those pesky vegans

They have the shape and the name ‘____ egg’ copyrighted, so they want in on something new and exciting (and if it contains meat then so be it)


How about this:

Black pudding where the sausage meat is
Cheddar where the egg is

I’d name it ‘Juke’s Egg’


i’ve had black pudding eggs where it’s like a normal scotch egg with the sausage replaced with black pudding

pretty good


What is wrong with me as I am?


not far off a manchester egg that


Also you posted this because of my scallop scotch egg didn’t you?


Fondant centre, wrapped in chocolate. I call it a a Schreme Egg.


Shot of scotch, bite of egg


This thread has nothing to do with you, get over yourslef


done myself there