An Exciting Opportunity


Done yourslef


Used to drink with him in the castle when i lived in town.


comestible, is it


Harry Kane centre wrapped in Deli Alli.

I call it the Poch Egg


And sure, I just happen to mention a delicious variety of scotch egg I had at the weekend and you just by coincidence make this thread moments later. You’re a fraud Juke.


I made this thread because the National Egg Board got in touch with me. What is so difficult to understand about that?


You’re an egg board


Tell you what’s good - a date wrapped in pancetta. That anything?


A really weird fetish that i wouldn’t try on date 1


Can we have banana as the egg and peanut butter as the sausage and breadcrumbs as the breadcrumbs? Maybe deep fried too?


Cheese stuffed chicken meatball wrapped in BBQ glazed bacon

Hunters egg


yes we can


caramel as the egg
shortbread as the sausage
chocolate as the breadcrumbs

the millionaire’s egg


Risotto wrapped around a mozzarella core. Aaron’s egg.


yeah they are goo. also, @Juke, black pudding is a sausage, you silly egg.


No one eats them in the Netherlands, obviously. No one.


I’m going to swap the mince for chicken, and the egg for a garlic butter, to form my new egg shaped chicken kiev scotch egg.



Really excited about this now


Mmmmmini Kievs.

Now I know what I want for dinner.