An Exciting Opportunity


beef is the egg
pate is the sausage
pastry is the bread

beef wellintegg


oh give over


I did not say you could replace the breadcrumbs, please read the OP again


Gobstopper in the middle.

Just replace the sausage meat with whatever it is that’s in a GVSR, don’t want to make too many changes at once.




Generic white fish with Omega 3 wrapped around parsley flavoured mash potato.


japes why does no one ever follow my rules


Ahm oot


calzonegg !


I’m starting to think Juke hasn’t been contacted by the national egg board at all and this is a massive data harvesting scam


it’s a bloomin’ blood sausage, m4


But it isn’t REALLY a sausage is it. If you were served a sausage sandwich and instead of sausages it was black pudding, would you say ‘ooh what a lovely sausage sandwich?’. No, you’d say ‘this was not what I ordered’.


Personally I wouldn’t want to make a fuss.


I’d be all, “ooooh, I very slightly misinterpreted that one, but they were quite right to advertise this sausage sandwich as a sausage sandwich, as it is indeed a sausage, sandwiched between two slices of bread and as such, as sausage sandwich, and I’m very pleased with this sausage sandwich, in fact I’m going to start making these sausage sandwiches at home for myself too, when i want a sausage sandwich.”, actually.


Wikipedia says it’s a type of sausage, and as we all know Wikipedia has NEVER lied in the entire history of wikis.



Here we here we here we fucking go.


I don’t doubt that a black pudding sandwich would be delicious (because I have eaten them on several depressing occasions) but it’s not a sausage, you silly sausage. You know it isn’t. You’re like one of those bellends that reckons spiders aren’t insects. They are really and we all know it.


I’m not having this.

If I asked for a sausage sandwich and they gave me black pudding and said “oh aye this is ALSO sausage” I’d fuck them up.

Lorne and link - sausage. No bother.
Black pudding - a type of sausage sure but never called a sausage. Ever.

You’re being pedantic son, for fun, and we can all see it.


One of those Egg Council creeps got to you too huh