An Exciting Opportunity


Mate I used to make lorne, black pudd and tattie scone sandwiches when I was younger. What a dream.


You’ve really fucked this Juke


Lorne spicer? No I prefer it bland.


you’re a true scot juke


proper mock jock




black pudding

  • a sausage
  • not a sausage

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It obviously is, by definition, a sausage.

But I’d be furious if I ordered sausage and got black pudding.


You’ve summed it up.


if i ordered a sausage sandwich and got black pudding i wouldn’t care

bangers and mash or toad in the hole, different story… possibly


dunno where the fuck i am that i’m ordering bangers and mash though tbf


“Pizza please”

“Here’s pizza (made of blood)”

“You what?”



Kfc and kfc gravy


Pedantic, perhaps, but for fun, absolutely not. I’m seldom known to have fun, and certainly this is no exception. Black pudding is a flamin’ sanguine sausage, and there’s no two ways about it. :mountain: <-- see that, that’s there in place of a hill, and that’s where you’ll find me, on that hill.


Replace the egg with jam, replace the sausagemeat with dough, replace the breadcrumbs with caster sugar


mine would only be full of more breadcrumbs to own the libs


I now need this. If you make some, send some to:

Mistersteve c/o DiS
The Internet
Probably London


More fool you. I LIKE breadcrumbs.


i had some lovely black pudding sausages the other day