An extra-curricular thread idea



I have had an idea for an extra-curricular thread. It would require everyone looking in their cupboards and fridges at home, and whoever who can find a product with the oldest use by date getting a badge.

This is inspired by @Antpocalypsenow hot drink thread, which split users, but I admired it for its interactive experience.


Use by or best before?


We could have both, couldn’t we


Yes! Let’s go crazy! (And then go sane again)


I will not be participating.

Good luck with your thread.


I threw out some Fish Sauce the other day that expired in March - even if I still had it that would not be a winner I think

Everyone has some pretty ancient jars of herbs or spices lurking don’t they


Got a tin of pineapple chunks that my grandad gave to me about 6 years ago that went out of date in 2015, which isn’t that impressive really. But I will take them with me when I move, cause I quite like opening the cupboard and thinking “ah. Hello old friend” at them


Oh I thought this meant something else but I can start a thread on that

My sister is meticulous about chucking stuff out so probably won’t find anything (she tried to throw my chillies away recently and I had to tell her they were still ok then I forgot about them and they went off anyway. GOOD STORY)


I can’t participate as I’m not at home, but I know that nothing will be out of date in my cupboards as I recently had a clear out. My mum on the other hand found some spices the other day from Safeway, which ceased trading in 2005.


Chuck out anything when the date expires tbh


Getting in early with some chilli powder


Why do I still have this


I think this is a wonderful idea, however I must stress that the Hot Drink Race was a @sadpunk idea which I simply performed administrative duties on. I cannot take credit for anything beyond the smooth running of the event.


Lot easier to do when you don’t buy tinned goods, tbf.


Bag of Mace which expired in August 2014 for me:

Reckon I could have got a lot earlier than that pre-move though.


Do you think you could still use it?


Yeah it’s only powder isn’t it, doesn’t really go off


Early Prince lyrics needed more a bit of confidence in initial idea


Not wholly sure what Mace is. Why are you still holding onto it? Will you be using it in the future?


It was a Peep Show quote though I got it slightly wrong