An idea for you, worthy of its own thread


From previous threads I know you guys like to chat about jackets. Well my invention and subsequent line of clothing/equipment will blow your mind.
Everyone wants a warm light jacket right? Well how about weightless or less, that’s right a helium filled jacket. I am fairly sure its an argon gas and insulating. After the jacket success I will go on to make helium shoes and clothing for runners to give them that slight edge (its not mentioned in the rules). Also helium to pump up bike tyres and in the bike frames. I am expecting heavy investment from Marckee.


helium is very expensive though if I recall

I had to order some once to fill a blimp and there was a national shortage


@he_2 to thread.


There’s still a global shortage:


That was selfish of you then


how big was the blimp???


This has really done me.


Sounds like a lot of hot air to me.


nah every charity should have its own blimp. it was a really wise thing for them to spend thousands of pounds on.


My local party shop seems to have plenty they always have a display of balloons filled with helium changed regularly


yeah, we’re really gonna need some more details here, please :smiley:

edit: bit late - never mind!


This eclipses ‘hello I run a mattress factory’


The last thing I could be accused of is being in any way weightless. Cheap as chips, though.


Hydrogen on the other hand…


There’s an idea that could go with a bang!



Turns out helium is non-renewable. Well I’m blowed.


Also it’s like super-tiny and leakes out of basically everything, so your jacket would pretty quickly look like a week-old party balloon, all wrinkled and saggy like an old man’s testicle.


Stop trying to burst my bubble! I have had a heart shaped helium balloon still fully inflated in my living room since February. So I think I could make a jacket that could keep in the helium.


read something once that helium is actually really precious as it is the one element that will leave the planet if left to its own devices, it is really important for some science and medical equipment and it is kind of silly we use it for balloons, having said that this jacket is a great idea