An important question about buzzers

This is a very important question thay has puzzled me for quite some time.
My block of flats has buzzers for each flat and then a ‘trade’ buzzer.

  • The trade buzzer alerts all flats that someone wants in
  • The trade buzzer magically opens the door for them rendering security pointless
  • Something else

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I ask because sometimes my buzzer buzzes when the postman wants in, sometimes it doesn’t. What gives?

Thanks DiS

Anybody? I can’t have been the only person to puzzle over this

I have never experienced a “trade” buzzer I’m afraid

Was it all a dream?

I have had trade buzzers on both flats I’ve lived in

No it’s definitely to allow postmen in but I’m wondering how it works :smiley:

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Buzzes all buzzers

We had that in our last place and I have no answer for you.

Sometimes they’ll have letters for everyone/majority, sometimes they’ll just have letters/parcels for one or two and will just buzz them

lets anyone in but only between the hours of 9 and 5

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Does it actually though? Because I’ve asked a courier before who had come specifically for me how they got in and they said ‘trade buzzer’ but my flat hadn’t been buzzed.

Yet the weekly communal area cleaner sometimes buzzes and sometimes the postman’s buzzes and sometimes they don’t. Hence my confusion.

Oh right you were probably winding me up aren’t you


it doesn’t buzz any flats it just lets them in

the timer might be set to 10-3 or fuck knows when so if someone tries outside those times it wont work


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next time you’re outside press it and see what happens

Do you have a building caretaker? I always assumed that’s where trade buzzers went.

Why’s it called a trade ‘buzzer’ then?

Ok thank you for the helpful answer. I’d go downstairs now and try it but I’m still in bed :woman_shrugging:

No there’s just six flats

because it trades the buzzer for a door open button

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As a past user of a trade buzzer, it just let me in. Either that or someone in every building was stood right next to their buzzer.

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Just went and tried mine and it didnt let me in.

Though it says ‘Services’ maybe services buzzers are different

No I assume services and trade are the same thing?

So if it didn’t let you in immediately you’d therefore assume it’s buzzed all the flats in your block but no ones bothered to let you in