An Inspiral Carpets are underrated thread

They did the theme music for this long forgotten Saturday morning children’s show…


One of the great TOTP moments with Mark E Smith reading the lyrics!


and the subsequent OUTRAGE on Live & Kicking (and the puppet outing himself as a Fall fan)


“This collection tells the full story of a Madchester band that’s never quite gotten its due, documenting tentative forays into acid house alongside tight, ’60s-inspired songwriting.”

Dont know if I’ve ever knowingly heard a song. I mean, i used to go to South when clint boon dj’d so i haveheard them but i dont know which songs.

My pal is in a band with one of them and he’s the most rude man I’ve ever met.

Anyway, i should probably listen to this as i take people to where Craig Gill’s ashes are hidden on my tour and always feel a fraud not knowing at least one song.

Used to have a soft spot for this one too

Strange band really, such an odd combo of the hard lad & soft lad aesthetic. If they’d been from Bristol or somewhere they’d probably have been on Sarah Records

Saw them live 3 or 4 times back in the day - great stage show, lots of projected visuals. Real kitchen-sink psychedelia

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Did you like it when he got a microphone and sung over the top of songs?

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Love 'em. But not sure they needed to release another hits compilation

this one has the remixes.

Haha, I don’t remember that. I have a very bad memory and was always incredibly drunk. I used to like when Cain from Emmerdale was there instead of him, but played the exact same songs.

Clint was having his photo taken outside afflecks when I was taking some naughty kids on a tour and they got him to have a photo with them and he was loving feeling famous and being all like check me out kids, but before he was even out of ear shot all these kids were like 'hahahaaaa who IS that old man, is he meant to be famous or what" poor clint, I felt really bad :sob:


My mates once went and it was Vernon Kay instead, gutted I missed that.

Those photos are great! He does seem a nice guy but also a bit cringey. Good Weller cut though

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Always preferred Phil Beckett on the Friday at South, but Boon always does a decent night. Boon’s always been a good laugh the odd times I’ve chatted with him at gigs etc.

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Yeah, he’s pretty sound from what I can tell (The rude man I mentioned is Tom Hingley btw, my pal insists he’s just misunderstood or whatever but met him like 10 times now, once at my ownf flat, and he’s been a right dickhead)

Hmm, I know people who know other members of the Carpets and that’s something I’ve heard a few times tbh!