An olive branch to the old forums


Hi guys, I’m sure, like me, you’re all very keen to ensure the transition from the old forums to the new ones goes smoothly and without any animosity between the respective userbases.

With that in mind, ohgood has begun the official archiving process over there and I think it would be a really classy touch (which he’d very much appreciate) if we could chip in and help.

Details on how to do so can be found in the following thread, thanks in advance for your cooperation, together we can begin this new era with smiles on the faces of everyone:



PS: @sean I think it would be a really nice touch if you could oblige japes’ request here:

Everyone would really appreciate it


I feel like Shitting on everyone from a great height


leave them to stew in their own juices


Feel a bit sad looking over the old forum. They won’t join us and, you know, the cataclysm is coming. It’s all a bit much :’( .


might just ban them all


It’s like the Rapture came and they were all the godless ones left behind.


maybe we could copy some of their thread ideas? i want a piece of that skeleton one


I don’t want their leftovers



what’s the deal here? are people not migrating over or something?


I think some are put off by this new board being a bit rubbish.


Why are they still there

Very odd behaviour


This is NOT a thread to criticise the choices of our former users


a deathly hush has already come. holdouts pick through empty threads for sustenance.