An open letter of apology to Smee and Theo



Dear Smee and to a lesser extent Theo,

I’m very sorry for how angry I got in that thread about perforated teabag usage. I derailed what could have been a fun and interesting discussion because I lost my temper.

I’m working hard to be a better person and hope you can find it in your hearts to forgive me.

Warmest regards,
Your pal, Tone


there’s no need Tony, the poll was enough for me to let you back into my heart, this time for good


Thanks, man.

In hindsight I’d like to withdraw the apology to Theo though, there was absolutely no need for him to get involved and he brought it on himself.


Tony Two Bags is a pretty cool nickname for the streets.


I agree



Always wondered if some Tone/Tony variant would be acceptable. Thank you for clarifying.


2 Tone

has this been said already?


Underwent a personal rebrand a few years back so I’m primarily a Tone/Tony these days depending on the company I’m keeping.


however I’m a little upset now that this thread is stealing replies that rightfully belong in my thread. not sure if this is affecting my badges / stats but will be concerned if so/


This thread is unrelated to tea/teabags so had to exist as a standalone I’m afraid.


No worries man. I was quite enjoying it, although tempered by a small worry you might be having some kind of crisis in your personal life that you needed to open up about. x

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Tony Smeeo


I would like to retract my apology withdrawal to Theo, thanks for editing my posts in the official archive thread, man. You’re a good’un really.


As if I’d read the whole thread.

(Was worried he’d revealed he only had 6 months to live or something.)