An unexciting question for Scottish people



Yesterday I was out with my friend from Paisley. I said something about the Pools Man (in a boring context to do with my dad), and she was confused and had never heard of someone coming door to door to hand out football pools forms and give out the smaller prizes.

Is this just not a thing in Scotland, or had her family just missed out on this convenience?

(Friend was born 84/85 as was I- I am also still confused as to how she is 6 weeks younger than me but somehow ended up at university two years earlier than me)


We had the pools (I’m from Lanarkshire, can’t imagine Paisley being much different).


She was familiar with football pools, but not the agent coming door to door, which was a bit odd.


To be fair, the guy didn’t come to our door either, but I knew of the practice.


I’m from England and I’m not sure I knew about this


born 83


as 83 as the wind blows


heard of the pools, but not the door to door thing



How did you play then, did you have to go to a bookies?


Yeah heard of the pools, it that’s the first time I’ve heard it mentioned in years


But someone coming door to door to hand out your forms, take the money, and hand out smaller prizes?


Might give the football pools a try.


Wonder if it was an East coast thing as pretty sure someone came around with that and Spot the Ball


I never did play it (did go to the bookies to place normal bets). Some people I knew played it, not sure why the guy never ventured as far as my street.


You can even get the giant fur coat first before you even win big these days.


I used to play spot the ball a lot as a kid, my dad even had a little football shaped stamp made of xs to play it.


i would guess spot the ball was a lot more popular. still never had someone come door to door for it, mind


Just asked my dad (Glasgow) and he confirmed that someone would come to the door to collect money and hand over next week’s coupon. He didn’t really have a specific name for him, but I suppose he would have been referred to as the pools man or pools boy.


My mum used to be the Pools Man and I was the Pools Child.


As many goes on Spot the Ball as you like?