An unlocked thread about locks/locking things



Let’s talk about locks baby! What locks have you locked today? Unlocked anything so far? Got any noteworthy locks or security features on your home? Any alarms? Also, where do you all live?


Our alarm is really old. We don’t set it any more.


What’s your code, friend?


good point - can’t remember.


My landlady still hasn’t replaced our front door. Technically the lock works fine, but the door’s so flimsy and rotted that it would be dead easy to get in.

I live at 29 Acacia Road.


Superb post, more of this sort of thing please. Thanks Epsinho.


great place to talk about bike locks I guess

I’ve got one of these. took me ages to realise you could loop the cable through it and wear it over your shoulder when you’re cycling somewhere. life improved ~ 50-60%


I’ve got that fella.

I leave it outside work because it’s heavy.

It seized up a bit - WD40 sorted it.


I unlocked my front door, then locked it again behind me as I left for work.

Then I unlocked my car and drove to work, where I got out of my car and locked it, then walked across the car park, turned and came back to check I had actually locked it, then checked again just to make sure. I do this most days.


locked - front door, car, phone (autolocked)


unlocked - front door, car, phone


I press the lock button on my car keys compulsively until I’m out of range. At least this way I know it’s DEFINITELY locked. Definitely.

Might go check on it at lunch, though.


Sounds like there’s a risk of double-locking (unlocking) with that tactic mate


Oh no.


not a fan of the phone autolock, I’ll always check with a wee manual lock


There’s a small upright shed (it’s more like a large reinforced plastic cupboard) outside our back gate that has some tools and old pots of paint in it. The padlock is so rusty that I can’t get it to close and lock any more, without fear of locking it irrevocably. Therefore it’s positioned so that it looks locked to the untrained eye, but is in fact unlocked.


Any valuables in there, friend?


Some old tools that would probably cost less than £100 to replace. I should probably just buy a new padlock for a fiver but hey.


Wouldn’t bother mate


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