An unsuccessful Monday night thread (because everyone will be in the d&d thread)

Any plans?

(Other than d&d?)

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HI ROB xxxx

I will be playing Stardew Valley as an update came out the other day, and trying to get my boyfriend to participate on multiplayer without destroying my precious farm by not taking the game as seriously as i do


Cook dinner
Eat dinner
Watch some more Never have I ever and Your Honor
Drink wine
Fall asleep
Go to bed


Hi Rob.

Saw my parents for the first time in a while earlier. Currently have one sleeping kid on me and will endeavour to put the other to bed soon. Maki g a risotto for tea then probably off to sainos for shopping


Evening @frenchtoast ! (And @froglet @Slicky @rich-t and everyone else)

I’ve never been in any of the d&d threads. Are they actually playing the game, or is there a whole load of chat I’ve been missing out on?

Evening Rob, Toast, Slicky, Rich, Froglet, Hoogy. Went for a big yomp along the river earlier

and now my feet are aching so I’m going to put them up and watch The French Connection II. Speaking of feet, coots’ are really weird.


Watch football

(no drinking, obviously)

I went booze free yesterday, so I might break the rules tonight and have a little beer

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Fucking knackered lads. Stressful, long day. Now doing some laundry, making a spicy chicken salad (Mrs F) and sausage, chips and beans (me) and gonna watch some more Modern Family until I’m not awake any more.

Evening. Had sausages and cheddar mash for tea (ate a bit earlier as I’m going to give my parents a ring shortly). Also means I’ve got a couple of left over cooked sausages to have cold for breakfast tomorrow, which is something to look forward to.

Had a nice and weirdly drunk day where my (what’s a gender neutral term for boy/girlfriend) came over and we drank a bottle of vodka together while I sorted endless Valentine’s bullshit in work. In bloody mary’s ofc i’m not a monster. Feel knackered and buzzed now.


Alright. Leftover chinese for tea (that’s 3 meals from one takeaway, #living). Gonna be in the Nestorbunker tonight watching my dear football team get smashed, and quizzy Mondays on BBC2 as usual



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Most of it doesn’t happen in the threads, that os just between sessions. We use Discord for voice and Roll20 for the game stuff and play about two and a half hours each Monday. Always lots of fun :grinning:

There’s only six of us bit I guess we are very vocal about it because it is so great.

(though tonight I have a headache so, that part is not fun)

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Finished S1 of King of the Hill
Gonna start the Adam Curtis thing
Trying to decide if I want more food.

Remembered there’s crumpets

  • Crumpets for Supper
  • Save the Crumpets for breakfast

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Half term. Nu rules.


Want hot dogs. Don’t have hot dogs.

Can’t be arsed to walk to Tesco’s for hot dogs.

Had moussaka for dinner. More PhD stuff this evening followed by some more Ted Lasso.