🎬 And... ACTION! #3: Joel Schumacher

Was it that bad? I haven’t seen it since I was kid but isn’t it just like the Adam West Batman (ie. the definitive version of that character which was never in history matched for quality or faithfulness to the source material).

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Fucking hell, that’s a long list of terrible films.

st elmo’s fire’s good
thought a time to kill was cheeky joke including one of the suggestions from that james bond thread but turns out it’s a real film

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I went to blockbusters and I said ‘can I borrow batman forever’. The assistant said ‘no, you have to bring it back next week’.


What’s your point

Falling Down is decent. Quite want to rewatch the Schumacher Batmans as well for old time’s sake, barely seen any of these films tbf

only seen about 8 of these

Id say he is good at making bad but entertaining films - 8mm and the number 23 are incredibly terrible though

not one of the greats, I don’t think it would be a great shame if all his films were forever erased or never existed. plus points for lost boys and falling down and making very stupid batman films which lots of people hate, minus points for being shit

AND MUSCLE MAN PLAYING SAX. +1000,000 points

looking at the best film poll on the last one, I was surprised how many of ridley’s films were bad / didn’t exist. with this one, it’s the opposite, he’s made more watchable films than I assumed. what does this mean? we may never know

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wait… wasn’t the “saturday morning kids cartoon” not this?

which was pretty f’in great


Because Batman Returns? :rofl:

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Joel Poomaker more like.

(his films are not good)

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Genuinely excellent


Hey, plenty of people love Batman Forever.

I don’t hate the 60s Batman with Adam West either.

I think for me campy fun Batman is cool and graphic novel Batman is cool (I don’t think Burton or even Nolan’s are excessively adult/serious/real world TBH - lots of intentionally comic book stuff in them it’s just toned down), but Schumacher wanted to try to bring campy Batman into Burton’s version and it ends up being a mess with villains too nasty for kids but the script just moronic.

As @zxcvbnm2 correctly states, I did mean Batman: The Animated Series which was top stuff, but still was aimed at kids (much like Adam West Batman). Shortly before I saw Batman Forever they had a two-parter with the origin of Two Face and it’s really great, strong characters.

And then you watch Batman Forever and there’s Tommy Lee Jones who I don’t know ever actually says an intelligible sentence and they just decide that his actual thing or flipping a coin to decide if he should be good or bad is too boring. Nah, he just flips his coin over and over until he gets the bad side so he can be bad…so, er, One Face, then? Batman Forever treats the audience with disdain, like, “Oh you like comic book films do ya? Well here ya go, ya brain dead moron! I’ve put as much effort in as your sort deserves!”

the lost boys - 5/5
falling down - 5/5

he made loads of pish but gets a pass for those two films.

not seen most of those. no desire to either.

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Got to work up to Tel Malick I guess

every other director has to have done a batman


really well formatted table as usual btw @AQOS


if i was to offer one criticism (and i will) it’s that he hasn’t included the trailing zero in the second score

doesn’t look quite as neat IMHO