And another CD swap (v6) SPACE IS THE PLACE

Could I swap with you then? :grinning:

yes! :sunglasses:

Based on your username, you’re under a LOT of pressure for this one :wink:

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I just spannered sending you a message, but I’m in for three if you’ll have me. I used to do the much-missed Velvet CD swap and this should scratch that itch again.

I’m up for 3 please, and will promise not to put Babylon Zoo on my mix, even though I used to love it ever so much.

aye fuck it, in for 3

Used to?

Fine. I still like it. Even the bit that isn’t high pitched singing.
Okay, my mix cd is now just going to start with Babylon Zoo, then have Spaced’s Spiders album in the middle, then rounded up with as many Babylon Zoo Spaceman songs as I have space left for. Lots of Space(d).


man there are so many good songs about space

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it’s the place

Space’s third album, Suburban Rock’n’Roll, would be a better shout, as it features a song called “20 Million Miles From Earth”, or something. Space singing about space!

Three please! PM’d you…


I’m in for 3 again : )

This theme is a good one!

First (and last) bump for this. Addresses to me by the end of the easter weekend please (Monday).

Thanks for all the interest in this, another good turn-out. I’ll put the addresses in the sausage machine tonight but it’ll probably be tomorrow when I find time to send the PMs.

PMs now sent. If you sent me your address you should now know who your recipients are. Hope no-one is too unhappy with their recipients (and just a reminder that - apart from a very few exceptions - you do not receive from the same people you send to). Enjoy!


Thanks as always for doing this @Prob500, I will hopefully finalise my tracklisting over the weekend.

Looking forward to this, already made some good progress on it.

Is it too on-the-nose to use film soundtrack stuff? There’s a couple of scores that I think are a must!

I’ve ummed and ah’d on film scores and have one on mine…