And another CD swap (v6) SPACE IS THE PLACE


I’ve ummed and ah’d on film scores and have one on mine…


Guys, film scores are A-OK. Just have fun with it!

I feel much better about this one than the last one. I received some very good mixes, and I’m quite proud of the one I made, but I feel like the world’s too scary to immerse yourself in apocalyptic music now. I’m much happier floating in space.


Thanks again @Prob500!

I’ve been spending hours and hours on sorting out my tracks and then tracklisting/plot (my mix cds seem to need a plot these days…), and think I’m pretty much there. Will just listen to it for a little while longer to see if I have any other changes to make. There are some non-space sounding songs, just because I don’t think space necessarily needs to be all bleeps and boops… although I do have some bleeps and boops on it and quite like such noises!


One hour and twenty four minutes. Goddammit.


There’s one track that I think is pretty obvious and loads of people will go for but then I thought last time everyone would go for Its The End Of the World and none of mine did!


Didn’t think Apocalypse would work but was really happy with the mix, not so sure this time, maybe I’ve overthought it…


posting mine tomorrow. it’s really boring, sorry guys!


Got my mix done and the CDs burnt. Just need to do artwork, tracklistings this weekend. Should get them posted next week.

I really enjoyed putting this one together, hopefully my recipients will enjoy it also!


Broke through the ‘hurrumph’ barrier and now landed on a mix that works and that I’m happy with. Mixed and will split into tracks this time, print up and post next week…



pfft, pressure shmessure.


Just handed mine over at the post office counter. It’s in God’s hands now.


that sounds like an expensive post option, getting it delivered by a deity.


I’ve been promised a reward in the next life.


It may appear so initially, but in the long run jesus saves.


They should call it Next Deity Delivery… (tumbleweed blows across, sounds of crickets chirping)


I’m on v3 of my tracklisting. It should be in the post on Wednesday.


Next deity delivery




It was Ace of Space, wasn’t it?