And another CD swap (v6) SPACE IS THE PLACE


Ahem :slight_smile:


sorry i don’t read threads


mine are posted also! No deities involved though, so I imagine it’ll arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday.





you’re right, they should call it next deity delivery!




I’d be a bit more loki about using other people’s puns if I were you.


I want you all to know that I have now burned all my mixes and they will be dispatched by the end of the week.


argh, i’m a bit behind on mine - still figuring out tracklistings! :confused:


Finally broke through the harrumph barrier with mine at the weekend. Found plenty of good selections for the theme, but a little harder to meld them into a well flowing mix. Just a few more tweaks following a road test.

I sure hope my recipients like synths


Synths, you say? Well! I sure hope I’m one of your recipients.


'Fraid not this time around @ninetyeightytwo.

Hoping to get round to setting up a mixcloud account this round though, so if you still have any appetite for further space exploration after your other mixes are received I’ll post up the link.


I could happily float in space forever, providing the soundtrack’s right.


@paulo13 - yours arrived today! I’ve only had a chance to look at the artwork - amazing work! :smiley: Will listen this week and report back - thanks!


I’m about three behind on uploading to mixcloud, which I fully intend to do (they’re all single track mixes). THIS time though, I’m “doing the splits”!


Do you get that Electronic Sound magazine that DiS plugged a while back. Beautifully presented, very synth focused and put together in the best city in England (Norwich)?


I did not! Sorry to say I rarely venture beyond the boards to the main site. What have I missed?


Excellent, I find “the splits” much more convenient as I have a few logistical difficulties with the one track mixes.

That magazine sounds interesting - will seek it out.

You’re one of my recipients again actually so hopefully I’ll finalise everything in the next week.


I had mine from @paulo13 today as well. Second the artwork opinion! Will give it a spin sharpish