And another CD swap (v6) SPACE IS THE PLACE


oh yeah i should probably get this finished shouldn’t i


Mine is ready to go tomorrow.


@shucks @maggieloveshopey - thanks both! Hope you enjoy some or more of it!

As for the cover, I originally copied most of it from a Ramona Falls album for my end of year compilation cd I made in 2009. and then just went back and amended my drawing in an attempt to make it more spacey for this mix, seeing as it already had a space background - so at least it wasn’t too hard to draw it all from scratch this time!


Slight delay with mine, I’ve had to re-burn one of the CDs and now my crappy Kodak printer has run out of ink, again. So it’s likely to be this weekend before they get posted out.


Mine is posted now.


I’ve received one from @ninetyeightytwo - looks interesting, I’ll send some feedback later in the week.

I’ve sent my three out to @Gert, @Trev and @ericthefourth. I’m really pleased with this one, my favourite of my mixes so far. Not every topic allows you to get Lee Perry, Sun Ra, Can, Kraftwerk, Sparks, Black Sabbath, MF Doom and Brigitte Bardot on a single mix tape.

I hope you like it, look forward to your feedback. Don’t be too hard on track 18 - that’s my son (when he was 11).

There’s a bonus CD ‘Bowie in Space’ with mine because I couldn’t decide which Bowie space song to put on my mix.


Got one from @Scagden the other day - cheers bud :smiley:


very welcome sir! I hope that you enjoy at least some of it :smile:



Many thanks your CD arrived today, recognise a few of the tracks and looking forward to listening to the rest. This will be once I’ve finished sorting mine out this weekend.


Looking forward to this, sounds right up my street…


@Trev @funkycow @woweezowee i’m finally posting yours monday morning (took me ages to get the artwork printed).

here’s a sneak peek:

sorry if it’s super boring, at least it should be good to fall asleep to :sweat_smile:


Nice art! Really looking forward to this!


@scagden I have, in my hands, your mix CD. It’s bloody lovely. Strauss into Spiritualized is about as perfect an introduction you can get on this theme. I REALLY like Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, and the Richard Youngs one nearly made me cry.

I’ve only listened to the first half so far, so I’ll get back to you when I’ve finished it. But so far, so good!


Thanks mate that’s really nice to hear!


Can’t wait! Got my list finalised, just gotta do some art and burn em next week


Got your mix through over the weekend. Thanks Keith, I’ll get listening :slight_smile:

You’re on my swap list too, so I’ll be returning the favour shortly. Just need to print out artwork and burn CDs now.


Just put my CDs in the post @Prob500, @OttoMaddox & @ninetyeightytwo, should be with you in a couple of days. I enjoyed putting this one together, hopefully you’ll all find some stuff you like. I of course felt obliged to include the track that gave me my username, which kind of dates how long ago it was that I first registered on these boards!


@ninetyeightytwo I had a really fun commute this morning (and I don’t often say that) listening to SPIRAL GALAXY 9082

I really like this mix: it’s definitely one of the more coherent mixes that I’ve heard in ages: I love the vintage cosmic sound that you’ve referenced throughout. It gives your CD a much warmer and more optimistic feel than mine: I felt like you were hearkening back to a time when there was a much more positive cultural relationship with space: moon landings and exploration and any moment now we’ll all be living in bubbles on the moon!

I think that more modern references to space tend to be darker: spy sattelites orbiting us and no-one’s been back to the moon in decades and maybe it’s all just bleak and empty and there’s no-one out there…

I like your more upbeat version of space! A lovely mix :slight_smile:


Oh great to hear, that’s exactly what I was going for. Optimistic versions of the future make me happy - glad I’m not the only one.


Received one today from @static, looks interesting, the BATS track is the only one I know so look forward to diving in! I will give feedback in due course.