And another CD swap (v6) SPACE IS THE PLACE


Final tests are complete and my space mix is now cleared for launch. @funkycow, @iain, @Icarus-Smicarus, @keith and @static you should all hopefully receive in the next few days.


Came home to a beautiful looking pair of mixes from @ericthefourth and @static this evening. Currently not familiar with a single song from either, so really looking forward to getting stuck in. Thanks both!


Hey @LastAstronaut, guess what? It arrived! VERY nice artwork - I really like the moon you drew on the CD itself - and thought I’m familiar with a lot of the bands on the CD, I’m not familiar with the respective songs, and I can already tell that it’s going to be varied and fun.


@static @LastAstronaut @Scagden all your discs have arrived in the last day or two. All look fantastic. I’ve got a whole heap of driving to do in the next week or so so that’s the soundtrack sorted. Thanks!

Great that the swaps seem to be going from strength to strength with impeccable quality and I’ve been getting as many CDs back as i send out for the last few swaps (which wasn’t always the case). Thanks all!

(My space one is still in the pipeline though).


Ok, first listen feedback @static, it’s excellent! I would normally wait until I’d had at least one more listen but I’m going away for a week tomorrow so thought I’d get something down now as my first impressions have been very positive!

Like I said I was only familiar with the BATS track so to get a CD full of other stuff, new to me that I thoroughly enjoyed is great. The span of genres gelled with my tastes really well, to the point that I will be investigating more of pretty much everything! If I was to criticise anything at all then I would say the Figurine track was maybe a tad too twee for me but it by no means spoiled the flow of the disc.

I have one track by The Evpatoria Report on a Silent Ballet compilation from years ago but this one kicks its arse, an excellent slab of classic post rock which segues nicely into the glitchy drone piece that ends the mix perfectly.

This will be getting more listens! Thanks!


Wow, thanks for the glowing review, I very happy to hear you gelled with it and have things to dig deeper in to. I so almost swapped that Figurine track out for Robots by Rhombus, Jimmy Tamberellos most twee work for sure and does feel rather dated, I did have a spell loving figurine after life of possibilities and the dream of evan and chan etc, and I liked the whole comical alien abduction thing, but after the Cds were burnt I figured it could easily be a flow killer and it’s definitely the track I’d end up skipping.
Taijin Kyofushois indeed a monster on par with vintage gybe for me, and I’m a bit infatuated with that jebanasam track too, if i were to make a mini space movie about floating lost in space, i think that would be my soundtrack. anyway glad you liked it. cheers.


I’ve been really enjoying the mix I got from @ninetyeightytwo.

It really flows well together, especially the first half which has a brilliant retro-futuristic-swinging-lounge feel that I really like. It is particularly impressive that you’ve made it hang together given that you have a wide range of styles and eras represented. I liked that a lot. Whilst I always enjoy the mixes I get, I do find that most of them are largely made up of white boy ‘alt rock’ from the last 20 years, with sometimes a bit of hip hop thrown in. I like that stuff as well, but I also really like jazz, reggae, soul, funk etc and you had all that stuff as well as esoteric electronica and even some rock n roll and some easy listening. Well played.

Most of the stuff was new to me. The only artists you used that I am really familiar with are T Rex, Scientist, Sun Ra and Air (although there are few other tracks I’ve heard in various places before).

I liked that run of ‘spacey’ instrumentals in the first half - Jean-Jaques Perrey is great (haven’t heard that before, but it’s so familiar from all the times it’s been sampled). I especially liked that run of Air-Scientist-Ray Cathode which cleverly links three quite different genres.

I’m a big Sun Ra and T Rex fan, so it was great to hear those two wonderful things together. I had Rocket No9 on my tape and Cosmic Dancer was on my long list (missed out through being insufficiently ‘spacey’ - I nearly included Ballrooms of Mars as well, but didn’t have room).

There’s a slight dip for me with ELO and Jobriath - I would never chose to listen to that kind of MOR stuff, although it does work well with the theme. The Space Art track is brilliant (is it cheating if only the band name fits the theme?) and I absolutely love the Undisputed Truth track, a real highlight for me. I would happily never hear the robot version of Daisy again, but thanks for letting me hear what that sounds like once!

Thanks again - I really enjoyed it and will play it more (apart from Daisy, but you put that at the end so it is easy to skip!).


@maggieloveshopey @static picked up both of yours today so will give them a listen over the weekend and report back. Know very little from both track listings so looking forward to hopefully getting into some new stuff.


Wow, great response, thanks very much.

Re: Daisy… have you seen 2001 A Space Odyssey? I thought it was quite a funny one to end on, all things considered!

Not sure I’d consider Jobriath and ELO middle of the road. ELO have an unfortunate reputation, as they were releasing their symphonic concept albums at the height of punk. But anyone who listens without prejudice would surely agree that it manages that rare balance of being accessible AND adventurous. Also, it conjures an identical “happily floating in space” feel to the T.Rex song.

And Jobriath? He’s far too flamboyant, and his story’s far too tragic and mysterious, to be considered middle of the road. Perhaps you mean something else entirely when you say MOR? It doesn’t matter, in any case! We can agree to disagree.

You might be right in saying that Space Art is a bit of a cheat, but in my defence it comes from a compilation of intergalactic music. So if anyone’s cheating, it’s the compilers of that compilation. Hmm! It’s also nice to think of a literal love machine, floating in space, singing its space love shanty as it goes. Quite what it would look like I’ve no idea.

Again, really glad you enjoyed it - this is the sort of music I seem to listen to the most these days, so I had a LOT of fun making this one.


Hey @scagden I finished listening to yours!

That Richard Youngs song’s been haunting me. I’m DEFINITELY going to have to investigate him further. And I’d never even heard the name before this, so thanks.

As to the second half of your mix, there were a couple of dips. First, the Belle and Sebastian track. I really like those guys, but the weird sub-genre of indie that involves a slightly-sad Scottish guy mumbling over poignant music just isn’t for me, soz. Also, Circle Take The Square - the mix perhaps needed a jolt after that transcendent Jon Hopkins one, and before the transcendent Fennesz one, but again, just not for me. I can’t help but wince when I hear vocals like that. Maybe that’s the point?

BUT BEYOND THAT - a VERY good mix, really like what you did with the theme. The whole thing, shouty track included, had a wonderful nostalgic feel to it. The sort of thing, shouty track excluded, that you could quite happily listen to while gazing at the stars, alone with your thoughts.

John Murphy FTW, BTW.


By “nostalgic” I meant “nocturnal”. But it’s too late to edit now.


@bornin69x @Gert @ericthefourth

Posted my CDs today, expect something through the post during the week.


My wife has tried for 20 years to convince me that ELO are worth listening to - I’m afraid you are way too late. Having grown up in that post punk era I have a bit of a mental block about that kind of late 70s soft rock (although I’ve recently learnt to love Fleetwood Mac. Maybe ELO’s time will come).

I know about Jobriath, I even bought the album after an interview where Morrissey went on about him. I’m afraid the music is far less interesting than the story (to my ears at least).

I knew I’d heard that version of Daisy before, but didn’t make the connection to 2001 (years since I’ve seen it). It makes a lot more sense as a closer now.


is that your cover? wonderful :smiley:

i’ve just designed a cover i’m quite pleased with but i still need to put the tracks in a nice order and get them burned. struggling to decide between two songs by the same artist so might just do the unthinkable and fire them both on there


It is my cover. I’ve had the idea of the moon from Melies’ Voyage dans la lune wearing headphones virtually from day one. The other items reference songs in the mix.


i’ve got one like this on mine tbh, though it musically sounds quite spacey as well even if the title isn’t and the lyrics are incomprehensible


At the drive-in - Cosmonaut ??


no, that would be a spacey title


Not complaining- I like it


@iain, @paulo13 and @Icarus-Smicarus, your space mix went in the post today - expect it mid week. Hope you enjoy!