And now for a man that needs no introduction

He was a British politician who served as Secretary of State for Defence from 1964 to 1970, Chancellor of the Exchequer from 1974 to 1979 and he was Deputy Leader of the Labour Party from 1980 to 1983, Mr Denis Healey!


Fully done

Not to mention, founder of Heelys, Inc., formerly known as Heeling Sports Limited, inventor of Heelys!

you forgot to mention inventor

god damn it

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Well, this is awkward


i was looking for a gif :cry:

It’s frustrating when speed is rewarded at the expense of craft.

Alright, my wife.


I got really into snowboarding when I was about 12. Just the idea of it, so I’d read the magazines and stuff but didn’t snowboard myself. Remember seeing an advert for soap shoes and they became my new obsession for a bit.
I found out the other day you could get a Soap shoe/Healey combination shoe and I really want it so much.

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I think both of us would give you generous 6/10 for that.

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My question is: did anybody on dis ever have soap shoes?

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Yet all you found was egg on your face

I had honestly never heard of them in my life before now, but this is an interesting read


Couldn’t find a gif then?

I can’t imagine much worse than sliding down a rail at speed and landing on your feet and suddenly coming to a horrible stop. Would love some with the heel wheels though.

I liked him in Auf Wiedersen, Pet

I went down the self-deprecating route for a lousy 6/10?!

marckee has gone too far ITT

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Still weirds me out that his son is the lead singer of the 1975

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