And so this is Sunday

Waiting for 8

Bit of work

New undercut to be done

Bit grey out

And what have you done
Another week over
A new one begun*

* not yet


Also, got to do a day of Jamaican based activities tomorrow…was supposed to be an hour or so with load of sport stuff in-between but weather looks like it will be almost all day.

Any ideas? Only me so can’t do cooking unless it doesn’t involve actual cookers. (I can put things in an oven at lunch)

Up early. Off to my parents for breakfast. Some sort of football came going on later apparently. Heard nothing about it

I have to go to work today which has thrown off my usual “pancakes then walk in the park” routine.

Town is going to be hell. Pray 5 me.

Morning all

Tea and toast for breakfast and then…

Found we’d got a blocked drain last night, so attempting to clear that this morning. Kind of hoping it needs drain rods though - that looks like it’d be fun.

Going to my parents for lunch.

Watching football this evening.

Cool Runnings.


Not looking forward to working in town today with all the football lads out and about.

Got a lot to do today but thankfully my neighbours who are having M for the duration of my tour want to go to see their family in Southport so asked if they can just have her for most of the day so she can go with them.

I will never say no to this sort of offer.


Morning all :wave:

All of the Big Painting Jobs have now been done! Over the past month (and mainly the last week) that’s a kitchen, dining room, living room, hallway, three fiddly sash windows (which also needed restoring) and a front door (ditto).

Today, we put the house back in order and tidy things up and put pictures on the walls with those Command velcro strips.


Nice. And entirely valid.

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Horrifically hungover - date last night got v boozy, ended up drinking in the spiegel tent. Fell over on the way home (alone at this point thank fuck) so I’ve got a fat lip and look like I’ve been scrapping

Going for a bike to the Beak brewery in Lewes later

Morning Sunday, morning all :sunny: I’m back in Brighton where I grew up, so looking forward to a day of wandering round the city and seeing all the places that have popped up since I was last here. Can’t wait to get to the pier to smash some 2p machines like I’m 10 again :roller_coaster: before football later. Exciting day!


In bed with tea watching season 4 RHONY reunion.

I’m off to the flower market today with my friend :slightly_smiling_face:




Beautiful morning. I’m greeting it with a foggy head after too much wine yesterday. Also introduced my little bro to Midsommar last night and may have traumatised him.

Really really hungry

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Is that the Scary Island season?

last day of holibobs

soft holiday bed is destroying my back so slept on the floor last night. feels slightly better.

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Belated birthday celebrations today: taking youngest to her first ever (outdoor) gig; seeing the big ol Big Ben at Piccadilly Gardens; eating too much food at Grub; Zoom call with pals whilst watching England win the footy. Trains are all fucked though so looks like a sketchy Uber in to town whilst holding on to the kids is on the cards :skull:

Couldn’t find a windmill or lighthouse or fishing lodge to stay in today so I’ll likely just hide under a blanket until it’s all done.

How old are your class?

I’ve been struggling for about half an hour to think of something appropriate. It is shameful how little I know about Jamaica.

You could do some music activities (Clapping on the off-beat? Take turns to interpret the Diwali riddim?) and maybe some geography (there have to be worksheets out there on rainfall or something) but all of the obvious stuff I can think of involves understanding something about the slave trade and I’m not sure that’d be an easy teach. Even something that can be interpreted neutrally like Windrush would probably be difficult.

Could you get them to spend the morning grating ginger and scotch bonnets to jerk marinade some chicken?

Would you be able to do something on Rastafarianism? Profiles on famous Jamaicans? Looking at difference between Standard English and Patois?