And so we enter the void... the 1st official "what day is it again" daily thread

Morning all.

No daily thread yet?

Got my parents coming over this afternoon for board games, dog walking and pie. But my GF is now laid up in bed with a borked back, so that might now be being postponed.

I think I now tell you to tell us your plans, what you’re eating etc. etc.

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Happy day 1 of the festive perineum. I’ll be driving from Essex to Sheffield

You win Hobbes. Let’s use this one :star_struck:

I have no plans beyond sofaing


As the time the daily thread gets made heads toward 9am the probability of 2 threads being started at the same time approaches 1.

In my house today is known as Boxing Day Day. It goes:

Christmas Eve Eve
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
Boxing Day
Boxing Day Day

Hope this helps.


Hooray, I’m working today.

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Not sure what to do when the weather is shit and you want to go but you have a small baby. Hmmmm.

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Finished my 60 hours in five day stint at work and on the tube home now. The last 36 hours were three consecutive 12 hour night shifts. Glad that they’re over.

Oddly don’t feel too tired at the moment but know that I’ll sink down into a bit of fatigue/slight zombie state in the late afternoon.

It’ll be an evening of films and strong drink for me later on.


Same, but with a listless six year old.

We were booked to see some kind of Circus thing at Brighton Dome, but I’m not that keen on hanging around inside with hundreds of people right now for some reason

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Going to see the new Matrix film later this morning :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


Going back to Leeds today.

Hi everyone - I’m working on my CV today

Good things the weather is shit and I am bored of basically all other available activities

In theory we leave France today. Let’s see if PCR test agrees in about an hour from now.



Today is the first day that I don’t have to do anything or go anywhere. I’m hoping my son will be up for a day of watching tv (we started Hawkeye last night), playing games and just chilling out.


Looks like another day of staying indoors!


Still in bits sick so I’m lying on the floor and watching classic Simpsons episodes as revision for @Severed799’s thread.

A is crawling all over me and keeps trying to put various items she finds in the room into my mouth. Most recent find was pretty good.


Went out to get bread and ended up doing a round of the supermarkets (they’re all right next to each other) for Christmas discounts. Not great pickings, but a few decent finds including full sized Galaxy selection boxes for 99p.

Have five tasks up on the chalkboard for today.

  1. Sort kitchen cupboards and update inventory / best before list
  2. Get pet insurance quotes
  3. Update budget for new job
  4. Tidy the study
  5. Update calendar with 2022 dates

How many tasks will I actually do

  • None, obviously
  • 1 - 2
  • 3 - 4
  • All five, somehow

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Back to work after a weekend off. On the late today, so at least I get to chill out with the kids this morning. Really can’t be fucked with this anymore


Oh yesss, I always sleep so well at my parent’s. So dark and quiet, just the occasional hoot of an owl.



I’ve got a load of tasks to complete ahead of two studio days this week.

So far I’ve achieved being in bed, wordle, and listening to a conspiracy podcast.

Not a good start.

Happy Romjul!