And the best place in the U.K. as a gig goer is

For years I’d have said that London is the best place in the UK to be gig goer I used to live there and obviously the quantity and quality of touring bands is huge. I now live outside London but still go in quite a bit for gigs, but the expense, the travelling, the ticket hassle, the bell-ends and the venues all get a bit tiring. So what is the right answer? I go to few shows in Bristol and wonder whether it is there?

Loads of great wee venues, mid size venues, and we have the best venue in the world which is the barrowlands.
Fucking excellent music scene up here :+1:


Glasgow or Manchester I’d say. Used to live in Glasgow in the 90s and it was great but too many bands play just London and Manchester.

Outside of London most bands I want to see who are not playing Bristol or Cardiff are pretty much always playing Leeds.

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Was going to say similar to this - if you want the big bands/shows then most touring acts can only be relied on to play London/Manchester/Glasgow (in that order).

If you want a more DIY scene then you’re probably better out of the big cities in many ways. Leeds/Bristol/Liverpool/Sheffield/Brighton all have tons of stuff going on in much smaller spheres. At the far end of the scale, I could probably happily live in Hebden Bridge and only catch bands playing at The Trades Club :+1:

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One thing about London, I think, is that there is tons of stuff going on but you have to know it’s happening. It can be all too easy to miss out on a good gig - especially since Time Out went shit. There used to be for the good indie and ‘alternative’ gigs. Now we need to keep our eyes on a huge number of sources to avoid missing out. I’ve found out about things I’d have wanted to go to only afterwards on quite a few occasions lately.


We need a DiS London indie gig spreadsheet.

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Spreadsheets and indie gigs are two of my favourite things. Yes please.

everyone is just going to say their own city / town aren’t they.

So on that note. Cardiff ! (it definitely isn’t Cardiff, although it has got better in the last five years or so with some new venues, most notably Tramshed)



It’s got the Brudenell


Leeds! Lots of good shows happening, but small enough to have a close community.

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No they are not! Edinburgh is pish!

Glasgow, Leeds and London seem to get the good stuff

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Bristol is good, but still have to travel for a few & think Birmingham has to be best location wise, still easy to get to Bristol, then you have all the venues there & good connections to Manchester & London

Surely the answer is Songkick or Bandsintown?? Sorry to the spreadsheet lovers out there…

id love to go to a gig at the brudenell

Glasgow Barrowlands. Being a Londoner going to a gig there made me realise what live music should be about - incredible atmosphere.

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I use Songkick but it doesn’t always pick up the free ones.

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When I lived in Cardiff there was only really Clwb & Barfly doing regular small gigs (I am sure my memory is failing me here). The key for me was the additional option of TJs and Le Pub in Newport though, saw loads of stuff over there. I still have mates in Cardiff but haven’t actually been to the newer places that have opened up such as the Tramshed, I am completely out of touch. The last one I went to was a Mclusky reunion in the Welsh Club. That place has not changed one bit in the last 20 years.

I use Songkick and Bandsintown and they get most things but they do miss some smaller/more obscure stuff - things at Café Oto, that kind of thing.

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It’s definitely not Sheffield which is absolutely shite for attracting touring bands. Find myself constantly having to travel to Leeds or Manchester since we only get decent gigs once in a blue moon. It’s weird cos it’s not like people don’t turn up when bands do play here - saw Parquet Courts at the Leadmill a few months ago and it was packed.