And the best Smiths album is

Very difficult!
For me they had four albums of original works, so for them I’d go with -

  1. Strangeways, Here We Come
  2. The Queen Is Dead
  3. Meat Is Murder
  4. The Smiths

Of the early complications (I know there’s been many since), I’d go -

  1. Louder Than Bombs
  2. The World Won’t Listen
  3. Hatful Of Hollow
  4. Rank

What an amazing, unique band they were. Lyrically, musically - just so original and damn good.

It’s the Queen is Dead


you’re right, it’s Strangeways. easily.


Probably Ok Computer


Big Willy style by Will Smith


It’s definitely The Queen is Dead

I remember the first time I heard The Queen Is Dead, by which time I was aware of its classic status, thinking to myself ‘My word, this has got some shit on it.’

Smiths mega fan Simon Price wrote a long-ish piece on its failings recently:

While looking for that article I came across a very similar one from a few years ago, so maybe this isn’t an outlier opinion…

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That’s a very good article but it’s wrong

I’d have to say

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Strangeways is my favourite but I wouldn’t say it’s ‘by far’ their best.

I think TQID has higher highs and lower lows.

In conclusion, no need to RANK them. Pointless busywork.

Hatful of Hollow or Meat is Murder probably

Queen Is Dead. Hatful of Hollow follows closely behind imo

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Meat is Murder might have been if they’d replaced the last two tracks with er…better ones I guess

I like Barbarism Begins at Home and I always try to convince myself that I can sit through the title track but urm MOOOOOOOOOO


All their studio albums are about as good as each other. For a band so vital and important, I don’t think they made a proper full-on masterpiece.

It changes all the time. But, I would say Strangeways. Sometimes TQID, but they are all great.

If ever I get bored, fed up with music, I line the four studio LPs up and listen all the way through. Kind of restores my faith in music.

There are few, if any, opinions that I have greater contempt for than the idea that Strangeways is the best Smiths album.

And I say that as someone who used to cover I Won’t Share You frequently on the old gig circuit there.