And the best Smiths album is

*comes into thread to post something to this effect*

*sees agpag has already done it*


m3at iz murrrdaer

Out of interest for those who are saying Strangeways which songs would you recommend from that album? Track for track I’ve never really found it as interesting as TQID.

Meat is Murder

All of then except Unhappy Birthday and Death At Ones Elbow. My favourite is Paint a Vulgar Picture.

He’s right about albums released before the most iconic one often being better.

I much prefer His ‘N’ Hers to Different Class.

Hate him or hate him. We all hate him - he’s a genius, even post-Smiths.

this gif gave me an abcess

Morrissey is also irritatingly out of key on I want the one I can’t have

Attended this tour. He was amazing at this point, because he was finished.