And the rain came down. Down down down on Tuesday morning thread

Blummin chucking it out there


Nice start to the day saying “I like bed, bed is nice”


Oak is nice?

Gives out pokemons

Great professor


I was up at 06:30 and back in bed by 06:40. Had fed two cats and made coffee for my GF in those ten minutes.

Your Prof. Oak chat is inspiring me to restart Pokémon m-b!

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Much rain here also.

Not happy about this. Not even cold, just wet, so I can’t even wear my new jumper yet.

Need to call the doctors again about my stupid tonsils and really don’t want to have to do that.

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For the FAO of @Witches


Been singing this all morning due to the weather.

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Laying in bed listening to the rain pelt down on the velux window and the sounds our daughter makes when sleeping. Making the most of this rare time


Absolute banger.

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Jnr and Bernie were fighting over how much of the bed they were having all night, my bed I should add. Woke up and remembered my horrible kitchen wall, was hoping over night the colour might have changed, no such luck.


I have a mates wedding on Friday (one of the weddings linked to those sober stags) and I’m excited to see everyone, and hang out. Buuuuuuuut…

I tried on my kilt and yep, wouldn’t you know it, I can’t fit into it comfortably. Ah well. Going to treat myself to a flash new suit and wear that instead.

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Sitting here with coffee, watching the torrential rain and contemplating a dog walk.

They’re old enough / responsible enough to walk themselves now, right?


Wfh today, so still in bed listening to the rain.

Times like these I wish I owned a coat or umbrella

It’s almost as though Autumn started yesterday, or something.

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My calendar has been ready


Absolutely dismal out, I love it. Walked to work in my waterproofs listening to dismal music. Winter <3


My feet are wet.