And the rain came down. Down down down on Tuesday morning thread

Bleak af out of my window. So much for mists and mellow fruitfulness.

Cold coming on. Going to see Wintersleep in sleazys later.

So grateful for my snowdonia mac :nerd_face:

Your posts about Bernie are even more entertaining (if a little sinister) for that split second before I remember Bernie is a cat.


Example 1

Example 2

A certain Withnail & I quality :wink:


Morning all. Wet and miserable here too. Just downed a double espresso. Now for a pint of water and a two hour meeting.

i thought bernie was one of the mouses

They’re Mouse and Donkey or something.

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The kid playing conkers does not look happy.

Mouse and Cow


Oops. Apologies Cow. Gonna give them a complex by not even calling them the correct incorrect animal


Working from home, bereft of internet, and so really working from the pub across the road. Okay, looking at DiS in the pub at 9am. Life is fine, this is fine.


One of the old boys has a shandy #steady

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Supposed to be having someone round this morning to fix my drainpipe (stop it) but given the weather that’s not going to happen I think. Still, it’s saved me getting soaked on the way to work I guess.


What a lovely drive in on flooded roads. Today it wasn’t so much the powerful german cars driving like idiots but the lorry drivers. There’s nothing like all the motorway traffic slowing down to avoid aquaplaning with articulated lorries still ploughing on at 70mph coming up behind you :grimacing:


What time will Ruffers have his first pint?

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Victoria Line was a real dickhead today

Loved the walk in today actually. Hood up, Mogwait on the headphones, rain lashing into my face but not too cold, glorious stuff.

Gotta go down to London this afternoon, where the weather looks slightly less shit for a work thing. Work thing is helping to deliver a presentation at a pub tbf, so could be worse, although I’ve only just remembered that I’ve actually got to do some of it. Then staying at a pal’s tonight, which should be nice.

Pretty pretaaaaaayyy hanging after a few too many last night. Day off today, but looking after the nearly two year old who might be the grumpiest human alive on the planet. Gonna be a lonnnnngggggggg day

Morning all.

Woke up at around 2 and couldn’t get back to sleep thanks to spider based nightmares. Love it when my subconscious runs out of stuff to troll me with in the night and has to go back to the ol’ spider well. Really great stuff. Cheers, brain.

Bloody miserable out, isn’t it?

Hope you’re all well.