And the survey said....


Here are some questions I’d like you to answer.

Feel free to ask your own questions.

Lots of people having their hair cut this week

Are you?

  • Cutting crew
  • No

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Do you say…

  • Jacket potato
  • Baked potato

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If you were teleported into a fancy restaurant right now would you feel…

  • Comfortable
  • Extremely out of place

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Similarly, how ready is your home for a spontaneous visitor

  • Welcome, come in
  • Quick, hide the dishes in the oven

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How’s the spider population at yours?

  • Usual
  • Unusual (more less more varied other)

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I sometimes use both, because I’m inconsistent


Me too! In a baked phase at the moment but I think my roots are in jacket

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Next week i’m getting my hair cut though!

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I’ll be back with more after my haircut

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Very much this, also jacket has a nice warm ring to it, like you’ve got the potato nice and ready for a cold winter day (before mercilessly eating it)


Re fancy restaurant i’d be wearing adidas joggers, a stone cold steve austin tshirt and be barefoot but i think people would just assume i’m an actor dressed like that

Re people coming round, the flat’s always a tip, take me as i am or not at all


I’m covered in beer so out of place, unless everybody else was too, obviously.

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Barefoot joggers crew representing, what’s good on the wine list?

really really need a haircut but developed a weird anxiety about it, not sure why. re: the restaurant teleportation, would be out of place due to the hair

Need a haircut tbh

There’s no doorman at the teleportation unit

I too need a haircut, but i’ve left my barber on read ages ago and i don’t want to go to anyone else but i also don’t want to deal with the outcomes of my own actions

I need a haircut but I’m in too deep now