And then it's back to work A! G! ... A I N! (Post bank holiday Tuesday thread)


Good​ morning DiS

How are you today? I hope all is okay with you. It’s warm and sunny outside, which is obviously why the heating on the train is set to maximum.

There’s also a guy on the train who has a Bodum breakfast bowl and is eating muesli​. Not something I’d do personally, but hey.

General Wanker Thread

Absolute maximum fear and dread rn, i’ll be very glad when today is over.


Had a real nice weekend, and now the sun is out. Can’t complain.

Big week at work this week, big :muscle: to you all!


First day working from Leeds today. And a new person is starting in our office this morning, reporting to yours truly - I was not responsible for the timing of this start date! TV has the day off and is going to put away all the things in boxes that I would have put in the wrong place (which is most of the things, it turns out).

Made cold brew coffee last night - it’s delicious!


I hear ya


No no no no no no no no no no no


Morning all.

Train has Wi-Fi this morning, free. None of your £4 for 5 minutes offer from Virgin. Pretty stable so far. Hats off London Midland, you can’t run a timetable but this is decent.

First day in the office since Monday last week, have to get everything sorted for my boss’ return from holiday tomorrow. Should be an okay day though.


I have a v v v v v bad stomach. Ugh.


I don’t know why you bother, nothing’s ever good enough for you


Awful cold all long weekend, and now that it’s time to go back to work I feel great. Ffs. Weird thing to complain about, but I’m doing it anyway.

Doctor’s appointment this morning, so at least that’ll shave some time off the working day.


Alright, Ray Slijngaard and Anita Doth


Went to bed early. Woke up at 2 with a bad stomach, haven’t been able to spend 15 minutes out of the bathroom since. Feel fucking rank


Went to bed a midnight and was up with my youngest for three hours from 1.30 to 4.30 and then my eldest got up at 5.30.

And my aches are making me see sideways again





kill me, now


Morning. Might do some recording today


Big fan of your thread titling, naturally.

Morning all. I was in Bath at the weekend. It was very nice.

Five times @zxcvbnm was a total n00b! (The turn DiS into Buzzfeed thread)

Is there a more passive-aggressive phrase than ‘Just a friendly reminder….’

We’ve had it twice on our work Slack this morning and it definitely never feels like ‘just a friendly reminder’


See also: “polite notice”


Love it when you get a new GP and they’re a patronising prick.