"And where do you think you're going young lady/man?"

Tell me about times you’ve sneaked out of or into a place please.

Did you get caught? How much were you risking by doing the sneaking? Any accomplices to your sneak?

Got caught fingering a high school girlfriend in the fire escape (never heard it etc etc etc) by a music teacher, if that answers your questions at all.


It answers a question I guess…


Once used some poorly secured scaffolding to sneak onto the roof of a hotel in my uni days. All of the proud city of Leicester, laid out before me. Brought my weed dealer there the second time. Good times.

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Get into any hi-jinx up there?

Does smoking a lot of weed count as hi jinx?

More like a high-jinx! #420 #BlazeIt


Had a Saturday night out with my first serious gf (we were in 6th Form together) and went back to hers for some ‘private time’ in her bedroom before driving home to my folks’ place. She had the attic room in an old three-storey townhouse on Burton Rd in Derby. Fell asleep afterwards and woke up at 9am in something of a panic. Although her parents were OK with us being together I wasn’t allowed to stay over. Her old man was a big guy; a refugee from Hungary who was a dab-hand with a meat cleaver.
I snuck down three flights of stairs and managed to get out of the front door without being spotted. Ran across the main road in my bare feet

I got winded for the very first time in similar fashion, sneaking into the neighbours garden via a tree to fetch a football, genuinely thought I was going to die.

Were you like hopping whilst pulling your trousers up as well and that?

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any fingering went on?

winding like that is so scary


Thankfully not.

Come on, they knew.

Never found out. I would have been mincemeat.

^ Pretty much this

my (non-meths) brother made us some fake wristbands from a water bottle label to sneak into the VIP area at the Rolling Stones hyde park gig a few years ago


That is an extremely cool way to achieve an extremely uncool goal.




winded myself falling off a climbing frame

didn’t know what winding was. thought i was dying.