...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead - THE BIG QUESTION


Let’s settle this once and for all

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My Vitriol

Definitely the right thread for this… :smiley:


Big fan of Worlds Apart tbh


there’s always one…


in case you missed it, they will be performing these albums in full supporting my vitriol (this is not a joke)


Hard call but have to go Madonna. First thing I heard by them and probably their loosest rawest album. The drums are all over the place in the best possible way


Yeah, both are great albums (as is the first EP!) but there’s something about the intensity of Madonna. Also it has Mark David Chapman <3


I went for ST&C but yeah both are great.


A Perfect Teenhood still makes me want to smash shit up 15+ year later


Rubbish Trivia Mark David Chapman was used as a question on University Challenge.


the song or the person? if the latter then yeah and?


The song.


ok, what was the question?


well that settles that!


Tell you what theo. Let’s call it at 5pm, loser buys the other a pint :wink:


Don’t understand the negative attitude to World’s Apart. It’s got an amazing first half.


i like it but it was a big step down from source tags, and was basically the beginning of the end for them in many ways


Hey fuck you man


i was gonna just post the lyrics to that song as the reason most people hate it but thought better of it


What do you think now of the American Dream?