Christ this looks good



Basically I’m gonna pay Disney monthly forever if they keep throwing millions of dollars at Star Wars TV shows


Fuck yeah

I really want to love it. I haven’t lilked any of the new Star Wars since Rouge 1 and that makes me sad :frowning:


Wonder if it has moved after the crossover between Ms Marvel and Obi Wan seemed to hurt Ms Marvel a little bit.

Maybe - although She Hulk is running into October so there’ll still be some crossover.

Oh is it. I thought it was 6 episodes. Find 9 such a weird number for a series

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Great news

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Hearing this is set in the Boolean system


Three episode premiere I hear!


BBC are reporting Lucasfilm has been aquired by Disney. (This has just reminded me of something)

Did Obi-Wan use it?



Find it interesting that Tony Gilroy’s all in on this given his interviews around ‘saving’ Rogue One were about how he basically didn’t give a shit about Star Wars and that was his ‘superpower’ in doing the Rogue One stuff.

I mean obviously dumpertruck full of money, etc. but still.

I predict a good opening, a mid season dip and a decent finalé with a load of continuity-breaking choices and some good characters just dying because they apparently just didn’t walk quickly enough away from obvious danger. :wink:

I’ll watch every minute. :smiley:

always wanted to see a Beatle in a sci-fi franchise

Well, then, this is gonna be the show for you…! :slight_smile:

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This is going to be very interesting - I’m hoping we get some more look at the Empire’s cloning experiments as well as watching the burgeoning Rebellion forming up.

Mon Mothma’s wardrobe has been significantly expanded, might we meet some Bothans?! and the promise of appearances by Krennic/Galen/Vader/Tarkin/Bail Organa/Palpatine etc.

Three episode debut and then weekly for nine weeks (set about 5 years before ANH but including flashbacks to Cassin’s childhood). Then, next year, another 12 episodes set about one year before Rogue One/ANH.

This is excellent. Also BIG spoiler

Jez Quigley is in it :smiley: for a small role. Also Trevor Morgan hope we get a load of soap cameos

Watched all 3 love it. Does the samething as Rogue One and The Last Jedi and puts the groundwork in.

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