Andrei Tarkovsky

Might have to do a spot of grave digging …

Love him a lot by my favourites of his have changed loads over the past year or two. Used to be Stalker by some distance but I’ve gone off it for a few reasons. I find a lot of the dialogue really tired now and it’s not nearly as deep or clever as I thought when I was younger. Not helped that when I saw it recently, it sounded like everyone but me was munching their way through fucking metric tons of popcorn and annoying-rustle-generating sweets, and that made me kind of irritable throughout. It’s still good, but I like it less than Mirror, Solaris etc.

Think my other favourite is Ivan’s Childhood, which doesn’t seem to get as much love.

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But then you don’t get these natty stills from the film.

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love a bit of Tarkovsky and this thread has reminded me that I have Andrei Rublev on DVD somewhere in the flat and I haven’t seen it yet.

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Always disliked him without really watching as i used to have a Russian colleague who was an absolute sociopath. Come to think of it every Russian male i’ve ever met’s been a stone cold mentalist. This lad was called Yuri. Yuri fucking Nutter. Literally every conversation would end up anout Russia. Best music? Russian folk. Best film maker? Tarkovsky. Best writers? All Russian. Most beautiful country? Russia. Every war ever to happen - won by Russia. So that’s why i refuse to watch Tarkovsky. Turns out this lad was Latvian anyway. Twat.


Shout out for the sacrifice. Love that film.

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Baltic Russians are often … extra russian. A lot of bad feeling in that part of the world. Especially about passports.

Always got the impression that lots of people in the smaller post-Soviet stats still identified with being Russian, publically at least, especially males. When i was in Estonia it basically felt like Russia. I didn’t particularly get the sense that Estonians particularly did, but there were lots of angry Russian men trying to alpha the fuck out of everyone, and by and large getting away with it. I’m probably wrong.

Got a few #estonianmates actually. Apparently Estonians either identify as Russian Estonians (working class) or German Estonians (middle class inteligentsia).

Plenty of them are ethnic Russians, so yeah.

Also Estonian Estonians who are like “please let us in to Scandinavia, our language is just like Finnish”, while the Finns go “you sound like a weird farmer to me”.

Since I am an lme, I have met no Estonian Estonians unfortunately.

Over 25%, Warndog.

Yeah, basically after the USSR invaded the Baltic, Stalin deported loads of locals, and moved loads of Russian people in instead, because he was Stalin.

Later on, the Baltics had a much better standard of living than other parts of the USSR, and didn’t have the high competition to get a place in the housing list like Moscow or St Petersburg, so lots of people moved there voluntarily. Russian was used as the official language, much to the chagrin of the Estonians, Lithuanians and Latvians.

When the USSR split up, Estonia and Latvia introduced language tests to get a passport if you weren’t local. There were plenty of people who had lived in the area nearly all their life, but didn’t actually speak the language, because you could do everything in Russian. And Russia did some dick moves with passports too, and it’s been this whole grudge match for the last 20 years or so.

I guess they probably go to Finland, because the language is easy for them.

Yeah, book I’m reading at the moment pointed out that in terms of numbers and distance, konigsberg/Kaliningrad had the equivalent of the population of South Wales being moved to Denmark, then replaced by Belgians. And that’s just one minor example. The movement (usually forced) of people in Eastern Europe/Russia after ww2 is staggering.

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I used to teach a lot of Kazakh students (there are a lot of tourists and students from Kazakhstan in the UK, they just tend to fly under people’s radar a bit, I guess people assume they’re Russian or Chinese), and there’s a hefty chunk of Korean people in Kazakhstan.

Basically there were loads of Korean people (about 100,000) living where you might expect, along the Korean-Russian border, and Stalin decided he didn’t want them there for whatever paranoid reason, and shipped them all off to Central Asia.

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Stalin - what a dickhead

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When i was in Tallinn i kept getting stung by this fella claiming to be a monk. Must’ve given him €50 over the week, it’s hard to say no to a man of the cloth. Then i went to watch Bayern v City in the boozer one night and he was in there having a right few. Moral: men in orange robes might not necessarily always be monks.

That, and the fucking obsession people in Estonia have with mixing ketchup and mayo were the only real downsides to the trip, really.

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