Andrew garfield


bit of a luvvie


Hates Mondays and loves lasagna.


Came here to say the exact thing! :+1:



Absolute babe.


surrey’s finest


I find him to be delightful


Boy A - fucking incredible film, if a bit made-for-telly in his style. Love his performance in it, if you’re a fan of Andrew Garfield but you’ve not seen it I fully recommend it.


Always preferred Chester a Arthur


Egg > Milly > Warren > Anna > Miles.


He was great as Jean Ralphio in Parks and Rec and Stranger Than Things


He seems like a good actor. WTF is he doing working with Mel Gibson, though. Surely he must have had offers from non-awful people?


Japanese fucking hate him. They’ve spent his last two movies trying to kill him.


Re-watched Red Riding Trilogy last weekend: he’s great in that


Just on the final book of the quartet. Not sure I can face trying to dig out the TV adaptation though. Grim grim grim.


Not read them. Given that there are 4 tomes crammed into 3 x 2-hr films, I’d imagine there are large swathes of detail omitted.

Still a great trilogy though.


One of the best actors to ever play Spider-Man. Top 3 at least.


smug bell


Was born in Epsom and ended up playing Spiderman - I’m a bit jealous, fair play to the boy.