Andrew Weatherall has died


oh shit. that’s really sad.


What the fuck?

holy shit, that’s awful

Fuck no. Devestated. Huge fan from way back. Was blasting Consolamentum yesterday. He meant a lot to me musically over the years, from Two Lone Swordsmen, Sabres, The Asphodells - All of it really. He always felt like someone who would be around for ever musically speaking at least. Properly Gutted.


Eurgh, I’m really gutted about this. My Dad bought me a copy of Haunted Dancehall when I was maybe 15, I was obsessed with it for ages. My first foray into electronic music, really.

Didn’t we see him at Bang Face in '09?

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Certainly one of them.

Dunno where to start with the musical tributes, really.

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Shit news. Saw him play all night in Brixton a few years back (Phonox I think), and he was in blinding form.

No Way! :cry:

I was there for that. Great night.

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Fuck - this is so sad and unexpected, such an incredible DJ.

Used to see him out and about near where I live sometimes, was always so envious of his style.

Fuck. An absolute giant. Saw him loads of times over the years - most recent was last year at All Points East. Took the kids along and we all had a dance :frowning_face:

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fuck man, horrible news.

I’m in a workshop and someones laptop just launched into this mad electronic feedback when he joined a webex. Just seemed really fitting and made me smile a little in remembrance of the maestro.

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Was just about to post this mix - was unaware of it until today but it’s fucking banging

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Same, it’s amazing innit :grinning:

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I’m still feeling a bit numb today tbh. I put together a playlist of his remixes last night, and he’s worked with pretty much everyone I love - Primal Scream, New Order, Saint Etienne, Bjork, Fujiya & Miyagi, Happy Mondays, Beth Orton, Chemical Brothers, One Dove, Death in Vegas, David Holmes, Gwenno, Orielles, Doves, Emiliana Torrini…

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