Android 12

Honestly dreadful. Since my OnePlus upgraded it’s just been one minor UX regression after another.

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A few months on from that and while some functionality has returned it’s still fucking shit.

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Ah, no instability for me, possibly that’s why it took longer to appear.

I have the main issues that I often unlock and the status tray starts ‘pulled down’, also that if I flick the side switch between mute/unmute it also triggers ‘find in page’ on websites. If I’ve maximised a video it threatens to lock me out of my phone.

Always used to fancy Android 18 tbh


Same, my OnePlus 6T has become clunky and freezy probably forcing me to upgrade sooner than planned.

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I haven’t noticed any difference


Probably because I’m only looking at my phone for approximately 21 of the 24 available hours in a day


I don’t have this problem, because my phone is on Android 9


I was waiting for someone to make this joke and I’m happy it was you.

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maybe it’s because I have a Samsung phone and they’ve put a layer of their own UI on top of the base Android stuff, but I have Android 12 and can’t say I have any issues with it nor did I notice any difference between this and the last version - I had to check as I assumed I didn’t have it yet, but nope says I have 12 on the about page in settings.

only thing I’ve noticed recently that is annoying about my phone is that the Twitter app is hilariously slow in places, but I just assumed that was Twitter being shit


My phone has been like a dream since the upgrade. Maybe you should all get the Fairphone 3+ like me, it comes with a tiny screwdriver!

What’s interesting about this is, like the OnePlus, I thought Fairphone had basically vanilla Android. Certainly seemed to be the case with my FP1.

As far as I can tell there is no stability issue aside from Chrome losing it more often. Just weird choices. Like deleting the old Night Mode and turning it into two separate functions.

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Please provide more details of the tiny screwdriver and its purpose

Getting an iPhone this autumn though yeah?

More likely to go iPad than iPhone as the gateway device

Welcome brother :iphone:

Wow this sites emojis censor the iPhone emoji to a generic smart phone

This tiny screwdriver chat might swing it though, hold your horses

Picture a screwdriver, but very small, perhaps only two inches in length. The grip makes it large enough to be held between thumb and forefinger.

The purpose is to take apart the phone, as it is modular. I, for example, would not stop water damaging my phone so the speaker went. Ordered a new speaker module, bada bing bada boom I fit it with the tiny screwdriver, it’s good as new. The same could be done if I fucked up say, the headphone jack, the charging port, the side buttons, the SIM housing, the camera.

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If you need an apple compatible screwdriver I’ll buy you one

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Proper wallet inspector material, this @Epimer