Android vs. iPhone (Poll)


I’m drawing a line in the sand!

  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Windows phone lol
  • Other
  • Not on smartphonebook

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Had a Windows phone since 2013 until this summer; before that I was on BlackBerry. Also had an Amiga, a 3D0 and a MiniDisc player.

Expecting Android to go tits up any day now.


I loved my blackberry. RIP little guy





there should be more options here though innit;

  • iPhone (Hardware)
  • iPhone (OS)
  • Android (Hardware)
  • Android (Pure Google Android)
  • Android (Samsung OS)
  • Android (HTC OS)
  • Android (Motorola OS)
  • Android (Sony OS)
  • Android (Huawei OS)




alright theo




android 2!


this is you (a bellend who cares about phones)




@mods please ban @EmO



I’m done now.


I question people who have Android phones. I automatically think they’re tight with money. Dunno why.


Can’t imagine caring


iPhone X 4 lyf



or a smug nerd, the kind of people who ‘don’t do social media’ etc because they’re above it, or cyclist.

and the poll isn’t providing much counter to that


probably because you’re an apple fan(girl) innit


imagine thinking a phone should be anything more than a device for calls and messages