Android vs. iPhone (Poll)

are you fucking starting on me m7?


Stop following me

Spoken like a true tight arse.

Can someone recommend an iPhone equivalent that has a battery that lasts longer than half and hour please?

Ngl man that’s pretty awful


Is it?

The fact smartphones encourage class struggle means I should probably laud them as some facilitators of the eventual revolution. Hard though.

No, such a thing doesn’t exist.

So, so needy…

imagine judging people who don’t want to spend £700 on a phone


almost find brick phone users more annoying than smartphone ones. they all proudly do that whole ‘oooh yeah, don’t use smartphones!’ accompanied by a by a big long spiel on how we’re all sheep plugged into the matrix.

I would like to take this opportunity to say that ruffers has never done this to my knowledge.


I do, it’s my favourite thing to do.


thumbs up emoji

I think there is potential for people to be conflating being tight with money and being low income. Yes there is a class element here that we are dancing around but I don’t think anyone should be putting words in your mouth because that’s not what you said.

can we just get back to trolling all the shit android phone users here again now?

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Had one of these too, got it after seeing The Matrix


Android, obvs, but I don’t really care all that much.

(do get a little bit of inner smugness hearing the GF loudly swearing at iTunes)

Regardless of any loyalties towards various brands, I hope we can all agree that iTunes is undoubtedly the worst piece of software ever to be inflicted on humanity?


oh mate. How they started ahead of everyone and then ended up miles behind is absolutely mind boggling.

(I’d argue the old Window’s media player was worse though - that interface :face_vomiting:)