Andy Murray, world number 1


Fucking well played ma man, delighted for him :slight_smile:


yup, all round good egg Andy


Bit of an anticlimax with Raonic forfeiting, but its a years work rather than today’s.
His record this year is stupidly good.


On the subject of good-egg sporting heroes, Jess Ennis-Hill was at my parkrun today with her dog and babby (not running)


shame he didn’t get to do it on the court, great stuff tho. been the most consistent player of the last 6 months or so.
was by far the best player never to have reached #1 before this


Would have been great to do it on the court but so be it, he’s been knocking his pan in for years against the 3 greatest players of all time, really am chuffed to bits for him


good old, and’


Tim Henman is rolling in his grave


World’s number one miserable twat, eh lads…


You conceded your title to him as well?



Cursed by circumstance. Matured at the time when three of the best ever men’s tennis players were in their ascendancy. He has consistently improved and improved, and this accolade will always be seen in history in the context of two (or even three) of those players being in decline.

He’s been phenomenal this year- the best player by miles. I hope next year he can follow through: he needs to make the Australian Open his and there is the chance with Djokovic out of form to really boost his legacy.

What I love about Murray is the mix of human and superhuman. Emotional, and susceptable to a wobble even when well on top in a match; he’s battled himself, he’s battled the pressure of being the Messiah of tennis in this country, he’s fought to make himself fitter than others and to find ways to keep his game evolving, he’s combined moving towards the top position in the rankings with putting himself on the line to win Davis Cup rubber after Davis Cup rubber … good lad. Richly, richly deserved.


Chuffed silly for him and I don’t GAF that he got it with a default. In fact for my own health I’m quite relieved. Every chance for him to stay there for a few months at least, and who knows maybe he can win the Australian Open finally next year.


in no doubt that he would’ve beaten raonic anyway, just would’ve been nice to see his deadpan non-celebration


Apparently he came out on court anyway and they played a video of federer, nadal and Djokovic congratulating him. Pretty heartwarming stuff. Nice one Andy.


also pettily pleased to see him achieving something that wawrinka never will


Seems very level headed and has worked extremely hard to achieve what he has in the sport. Pleased for him, especially since I found out he was an Arsenal fan.


Does he get a belt or trophy?


there’s a year end number 1 trophy yeah