Andy Stott (rolling thread)

AOTY incoming. I’ve loved everything he’s put out so far.

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(glad somebody made that joke)

Really hope Andy Stott releases a 50s piano-driven rock n roll album at some point.

We can then have a new thread title “Andy Stott exudes Little Richard energy”.

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How is everyone getting on with Never the Right Time? First listen feels really positive . It has a similar sound palate to Too Many Voices but feels a LOT more engaging. There also seem to be a few flashes of guitar on there too, which is new for him. Just snippets poking through like shattered crystal, no riffle or anything. I imagine I will get a lot of listening out of this one.

hope he gets interviewed by the stotts

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Keep meaning to listen to it but it’s


Liking it. It feels a little more subdued than previous efforts so it’s been playing very well as I work today. Looking forward to giving it more time next week when i’m back in work mode.

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Feels harsh, but think there’s a fair bit of merit in the argument that Stott has now made the same album five times.


A bit torn on this review - fair play to saying Stott has made similar songs/albums, but I also feel like the reviewer didn’t care for it because it bummed him out. From what I gather this album was made during some difficult times for Stott and it shows in the sound. Listening to this so far it’s not my favorite album of his but if I’d struggle to rate it less than a 7.

I think it’s a little harsh. The guy has a sound and he’s honed it over the years.

Journalists (and fans) fawn over every single Burial track despite them literally all sounding the same at this point, so why do some producers and artists get to refine certain sounds and do the same thing, but others don’t?

I do agree on some level, but I think it’s mostly down to him working with the same vocalist for x albums.


I think there are definitely progressions between each record, although they’re subtle. He’s a long way from alone in that field though - Pitchfork is so angled towards hip-hop and poptimism these days that I would take most of what they print on other genres with a pinch of meh.

Besides - it’s a great album, who cares if he wants to make it again?

Nothing is ever going to top Luxury Problems for me, but i’m still enjoying this new one very much.

Reissue of 3 albums i think that can only be bought from Boomkat if anyone is interested.