yes we’ve done this before

no, I don’t mind you repeating things from DiS if they’re good or if some people might have missed them

met someone on friday who told me this one…


she told me a story about picking up drugs in Brockley a few years ago, when her phone died. Her phone at the time was an iPhone 3g, so pretty old by then, unlikely anyone else is even gonna have a charger. She was opposite the block of flats but didn’t know which flat exactly it was. She’d managed to write down the phone number but obviously couldn’t just ask a randomer on the street corner to borrow their phone given the particular reason she needed to make a call.

So she’s opposite the block of flats next to a large house with gates. The gates open and a car slowly comes out, and they ask what she’s doing, she says she’s after a phone charger and they point to a few people still behind, say it’s their house, have a chat. They invite her in, and they end up saying oh sorry we’re a bit wobbly, we’ve been making music all day and doing k so we’re a bit wonky. She says oh right well actually, kinda funny cos the reason I’m stuck is I need to pick up.

They’re really friendly, and the bloke who owns the house offers her a big block of hash and a couple of pills which obviously she takes, cos why not. They also text her dealer from a phone, and they get the flat number so off she goes. When she arrives, her dealer obviously is wondering what took her so long so she explains.

He looks VERY shocked. You mean, that big house on the corner? Fuck… you know who lives there right. she’s like oh some guys, they were nice. He then tells her… it was professor green. But she had no idea who he was (she’s Canadian) so as far as she knew she’d just been chilling with some friendly people.

she then told me another that didn’t flow quite as well as a story but here are the basics


her mate’s dad is an 80s RnB musician, can’t remember who but he was playing at the O2 a while ago. she goes to the gig with her mate and gets backstage. they meet a couple of guys who are massive fans of the dad’s music and exchange numbers. someone else says you know that’s [name] right? they say no and leave.

on the train home they say hey we should probably look up this anthony joshua person. he did get in touch with her friend, apparently the ways he messages is quite weird. also AJs mate had checked out this girl I met on instagram and noted that she had armpit hair. mr joshua therefore messages the musicians daughter saying ‘…are you girls natural’. they never met up so kinda nice to know that even AJ can fuck up when trying to get a date.


Don’t think I have any anecdotes that don’t make me look like an awful person

ever met anyone famous?

that’s how the two stories in the OP came up in conversation

here’s another I just remembered

my dad used to work with a bloke who was down the front of a gig in London in the early 60s at a blues club. the singer looked down and said to him “hey man, nice shoes”. the band got quite big later on, they were called the rolling stones.

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