Angel Du$t

Posted about these a few times but I’m starting their own thread. First time in absolutely years that I’ve been genuinely excited for an album release and it’s here and has lived up to the expectations

If unfamiliar, they’re an offshoot from the hardcore band Trapped Under Ice. They used to include the singer and drummer of Turnstile until recently and have a similar indie pop/hardcore hybrid feel. However for me AD are miles ahead of Turnstile and their sound can’t really be categorised - just good uhh rock and roll music

On tour at the minute in the UK, going to Manchester next Wednesday and cannot wait

Good songs as a primer:

The more hardcore side of things, truer to the TUI roots. Good guest vocals from Reba from Code Orange on this

Where the hardcore meets the pop side

The indie pop stuff they do

a sax solo! which works!

if the guitar part doesn’t get stuck in your head instantly, you’re lying

from the new album, I’m a bit obsessed from a minute on where instead of a second verse, everything just goes minimal and constantly and slightly builds. addictive

good band imo


Was just listening to this now! Small world


I like it. Sounds playful and unpredictable which are two qualities that I value highly in music


Have you listened to any older stuff shrewbs?

also a fun band to look at because Justice Tripp goes from looking like a body builder


to Kip from Napoleon Dynamite


to whatever this look is he has now (teeth grills not pictured)


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Excited for the gig. Not been to this venue in Manchester before either

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Never in my life

Ooh youre in for a treat

Yeah intrigued as to what it will be like

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I like some of what they’re doing a lot, but can never fully get behind them. I definitely prefer their more playful recent stuff, mind. Enjoying the new on on first listen.

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Have recently started listening to them as posted in the Hardcore thread. Really like A.D. and the Xtra Raw ep. Rock the Fuck On Forever isn’t bad but I didn’t like that direction as much, more Wavves-like with the surf sounds.

After having some of those in rotation the past month I finally got to Pretty Buff and Yak last week, which I’d been pretty reluctant to do based on RYM reviews & comments. This band really has gone through some phases. Pretty Buff as a whole sounds like punk music for a kids show, although there are some nice bits I’m unsure I’ll ever listen to it again. Not sure if they’re just being themselves or intentionally sounding like Disney punk but it’s…something. Yak was an improvement, leaning into indie rock & power pop instead and there are some nice songs. Think it’s been a week since I played it and I just put it on for a second time before I get to the new one later today.

Based on a few snippets I’ve heard of new songs, I’m expecting to like it a lot more than the last few albums.

Screw it, I just thew on Pretty Buff for another go. Truthfully both it and Yak are pretty even as far as level of enjoyment (or lack of). They’re fun, they’re catchy, but they’re cheesy as hell for the most part. Each album has 2-3 songs I enjoy, 3-4 that are pretty cringe, and the rest just middle of the road power pop seemingly aimed at a very, very young audience. Listening to these I can’t help wonder, is this what it’s like listening to a Lit or Smash Mouth album? I don’t know, but I get that cheesy 90s alt pop rock vibe from these (plus the kid punk stuff). Also this makes me think of what mid 2000s to current Weezer might sound like to some degree. I don’t know, just not for me and can’t wait to throw on the new one, though I’m still keeping my expectations limited in check. Fun listening experiment though I guess.

Still need to get to Turnstile’s Glow On, too, might do that within the next week.

I think Turnstile are shit so I won’t be listening to this lot, sorry tkc.

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So do I!

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If only!

They’re not v similar to me, prefer angel du$t by a long stretch.

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Love this one

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The vocals at like 2.08 are well nice

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Saw them in Cardiff on Wednesday and they were pretty fun. Had great energy and they properly blasted through their set. Hope you have a good’un at the Manchester show tkc!

Only really know Yak but stuck on the new one today and dug it so should probably give the rest of their catalogue a shot.

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Good to hear! Did you see the supports? Not keen on either on record so unsure whether to bother