Angel Du$t

Missed the first opener but caught Powerplant who sadly didn’t get much energy from the crowd tbh. Which is a shame as I really like them on record.

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Pub it is before then!

Checked out the new one after this morning’s revisits. Felt like a good mix of the different styles they’ve explored on all their albums, but a little more Pretty Buff and Yak than I was hoping for. I enjoyed the harder tracks, with Space Jam being tops, will see how it develops with subsequent listens. I was surprised (pleasantly) to pick up Ween vibes on a couple of tracks.

Have to say I was hoping for more material in the vein of Space Jam.

Heatwave by TUI may be more what you’re looking for

I have 1 ticket (on Dice) for the sold out London gig next week and am unlikely to be able to use it. Hoping to confirm by end of weekend but if I can’t go and anyone wants it (for face value) then let me know here and you’ll be first port of call if I can’t go. Otherwise I’ll just return it for Dice waiting list.

Turnstile are better

Yeah they are

In opposite world

That was so good. Might go again

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Great fun.
Venue was alright, big white box :person_shrugging:

Did go through a door marked ‘no entry’ and ended up on the balcony with a decent view


was that the one marked off by a little rope covering half of it? i did see people going in and out, I wondered if you needed a special ticket or something though

its a weird venue, didn’t mind it but there’s also like nothing to it? think when its busier it might be a bit of a nightmare, the toilets are pretty small and the sound area is right in front of the bar, not a lot of space between them

thats the one yeah.

yeah deffo this.

also looked like the band had to use the normal venue toilets… which is probably not ideal :person_shrugging:

Yeah they did, at the end of the show I was leaving the toilet and a guitarist was going in. Gave him a pat on the back and my hand slipped off with sweat.


best bit might actually have been on the way out a group of 3 stopping me and asking me what the band was. Said Angel Du$t and they were like ‘really, was it?’. I asked them did they know they were seeing them and they said yeah but they didn’t know any songs or realised that they looked like they do. Very odd

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