Angel Olsen 2019

would the tv not want to go with?!

If I could find a waaaaaayy :musical_note:

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New track is sick as well btw

Nah doubt she’d be into her and she struggles at gigs - keeps fainting in warm and busy places.

What happened? Low ticket sales? Audience not into it?

Can’t stop listening to this

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Does anyone know when tickets go on sale?

friday 9am

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How do I stop Spotify automatically playing the little video please?

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Tickets are on sale.

Just got masel a pair for the barras gig!! :heart_eyes::grinning:


Aye got a ticket for the barras too :smiley:


Wonder if I can arrange going to the Manchester gig as that feels easier somehow than West London :thinking:

I bought London tickets on Wednesday. Were they meant to go on sale today? Wonder why Seetickets had them up early?

I was thinking that one as well in lieu of any Midlands show

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Barras. Yes!

Can’t wait for this. I missed the hype train last time around so will be first time seeing her.


London date was announced quite a while back, so probably been on sale for ages.

Didn’t sell out as the venue was too big for her at the time. It felt like she was having an off night as well. the whole thing wasn’t helped by the fact that it was an all seated venue and she was getting nothing back from the crowd bar the front two rows.

Saw her a few weeks later at Primavera and it was like night and day when comparing the two. All smiles and stage banter there when compared with Cork.

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Can’t imagine how disheartening it must be to find out a gig is half empty.

You get used to it


Imagine your woman Angel Olsen coming onstage to a half sold out crowd.