Angel Olsen 2019

Barcelona Razzmatazz :wink: Enero 26


this is super

I’ve decided, listening to it again today, that My Woman is on my AOTD list. Just phenomenal


Hype levels for Barras escalating after that.

She is phenomenal.

Not really into the new songs :frowning:

Hoping they’ll click better when I hear the album.


I would agree with this actaully. For me they sound over produced and have this big synth sound, which I’m not feeling. I prefer the gritty, rocky Olsen.

Like you, hoping it all falls into place when I hear the album.


Same here, not feeling them, especially the previous track. I’m more of a Burn Your Fire kinda guy anyway so maybe the new sound/direction just isn’t for me. Video wise, couldn’t help but think of Julie Andrews in the Sound Of Music with those hilltop shots.

I adore these new songs, glad she changed things up and has gone all Kate Bush

Same here. Love the first two minutes of ‘Lark’ but I feel like it descends into mush after that. ‘All Mirrors’ does nothing for me too.

I have an issue with almost everything John Congleton produces though. It’s like he’s turned the wet/dry mix most of the way to wet and it swamps the tracks.

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